14 June 2006

Well, I guess you could say I’m having one of those days. The kind of days that you wish would never happen, the kind you wish you could slam your head into a brick wall about.

One of those type of days.

I woke up today sick and so dizzy I could barely stand. I dragged myself to work at 8 AM and I worked straight until 5:30 PM, holding back potential stomach sickness along the way. Some guy nearly plowed into my car on the way home. I got pulled over by a cop for avoiding the guy who nearly hit me and speeding into the next lane. At least it wasn’t a ticket.

When I got home, I had a message saying my bank account was frozen temporarily. I called up my bank and asked why — apparently my checking account had went 170 something dollars into the red because of a hold on PayPal (which when I talked to the PayPal representative, they said that was an error on somebody’s part because the bank shouldn’t have been alerted; I’m on hold with my bank as we speak.) I have a few checks that will be bouncing if it’s not resolved, so again, I’m waiting patiently.

My PayPal account was also “frozen” until I pay 193 dollars for a chargeback coming from my PayPal account on something I shouldn’t be having to pay back. The PayPal rep said it takes about 75 to 100 days to resolve a dispute, so no PayPal for me. So, until Friday of next week when I can get a paycheck to cover my bank problem, I have my pocket change, a total of $20 in ones and a five. Still, I’m sure that I can get by. I just won’t eat lunch and I’ll borrow some money until then. Further, I hope I can just get it fixed in a few minutes and this was all just a big misunderstanding on the credit card company and my bank and hopefully the person who gave me the money in April without obligation.

Good news is that a person on eBay who I bought over 100 dollars of stuff from last night said it was okay if I paid him with a money order, meaning I can bypass PayPal and not get bad feedback. Other good news is that I got my DS Lite in ala my fancy new raise I got at work. And, I mean, I’ve graduated from school and I’ll be 18 in a short while. Lots to look forward to.

In conclusion, however, today has been a really bad day. And my bank’s waiting music ain’t making it too much better.

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