19 June 2006

Definitely has been a dependable car

Hrm. Where has June gone? I’m not entirely sure. For the most part, I have been spending my time at work, where I got a raise. It’s cool to know that my boss values me like that, and it’ll give me some extra spending money to lay down on stuff for my new Xbox360 and DS Lite. Possibly even save it for the future (yeah right).

Also, I’ve got my Mustang. It’s way better than I thought. I really like it quite a bit. Random people are trying to race me. Apparently, all you have to do is drive aggressively and people think I’m trying to challenge them.

Otherwise, I don’t have much to report, which is why I probably delayed writing this. I haven’t seen anyone except Mikey, which we played some awesome Table Tennis together, and Ellen, who I met for some coffee and tried to remember why I hadn’t done that sooner. Regardless, it’ the usual summer drag, albeit nicer as I don’t have school as well this time around.

Just waiting for August. I’m pretty excited.

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