14 August 2006

I guess I should repeat that last post: ____ was a blur. July was, at least. To recap, I turned 18. I did fun things for my birthday like update my driver’s license and set up some bank accounts. Very fun. Otherwise, that’s a recap of July as far as I know.

But since this is August, I should get to the exciting August news. I met with Logen, which was nice. I got signed on to deviantART as creative staff (and we’ll see how that goes). I think I’ve probably got the best boss in the world… although, now I feel afraid to act like myself around the community. I finally got a new door, one that isn’t a folding one, installed in the place where the old one was violently broken from its hinge. Privacy for three solid days.

While installing the door, I sliced my finger up pretty nicely on a wood chisel. Basically, it’s a super sharp knife — it cuts through wood, it cuts through flesh even easier. So while I finally got it to stop bleeding, the bandaid had to stay on or else the bleeding would start anew. At this point, my finger looks disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. I don’t even want to explain how waterlogged, destroyed, and inflamed this thing is. Well, I guess I sort of just did. Regardless, it’s 7:38 AM and this thing hurts so bad I can’t sleep. Ouch.

In other news, college is three days away. How weird is that? I started this log in my freshman year, and here it is, time to leave. I’ll probably still continue this log to some extent, but its main purpose was to convey how much I absolutely hated high school. No wait, hate high school; that feeling of sickness will always be with me. My mom has taken off this entire week, and she’s starting to freak out. She picked up smoking again. Well, that’s just great. Hopefully she will stop soon. My dad keeps saying “X days left! You’ll be in college,” — and that pisses my mom off to no end. “Nailing the coffin shut!”

Maybe she’s right in a way. Nailing it shut. Guess I’ll need to bring a crowbar back with me for the summer.

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