18 September 2006

Beze Third, the original party crew

Life can be very interesting. Although it’s only been a little over a month since I left, things have changed dramatically. It’s odd, but I don’t mind it. Some people already don’t like Trinity. I love it.

I can’t say I ever have had so much fun in my life. I started this log a long time ago, 9th grade. Now I’m in college, my ultimate goal. But sadly, I’ve neglected my studies, my work, my life. And even more sad is that looming fact that I honestly don’t care.

The first day at Trinity was hard. You were alone. You had nothing to do but sit and stare, ponder about being alone. Life is a scary place. One week, you have friends, you go to parties, you forget about your life. Who I was is not who I am now; even though I have seen myself as largely static, I have finally changed. Life is a party.

It’s Tuesday. I have a three page paper due tomorrow. Why not go out and party? It’s 7 AM that morning, I am drunk. It’s 15 minutes until class. Write the paper. No time for spell checking, or even thinking. Turn it in. Get a 97. I hope school will continue to be this easy, but I am sure it won’t be. Slowly, the workload will creep up on me.

Speaking of which, it’s Sunday. Well, Monday now. I’m not sure how time has become so meaningless, unless you discovered you skipped two classes on accident. Oh well. Whatever. I don’t mind.

The epic mud fight

I called my parents today in an attempt to stall doing my work. I have a lot, I won’t lie. That part is depressing. I’m in the underground lounge below my hall. My intent was to do a paper while drying off my shoes (there was a huge storm and therefore, a mud fight started, and as always, I was there [just check Facebook]). I still haven’t done any work. I don’t really mind. I know it’s bad to procrastinate so much, but I’d much rather hang out with friends, party, or just pretend real life doesn’t exist.

Regardless, the point of this entry is the qualify my love for Trinity, the fun I’ve had, and the fun I will have. I honestly believe that college is the best time of my life — and I’ll exploit it to the fullest. Yet, my goal for this log is complete. Realistically, it was designed to keep track of my life leading to college and not my life in college. Midland was boring. San Antonio is not. High school was a joke. College is not.

This is Magnolia but improved. There are a lot of before and afters, but truthfully, college is something else entirely, something that I can’t put a definite definition on. It’s 2 AM. I have a class at 8:30. I just don’t care enough to go to sleep though.

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