30 November 2006

Looks like November is already coming to a close. Let’s see what I missed since then. Nothing. Neat. Actually, Thanksgiving wasn’t too bad. I missed going home, but I’ll be doing that in a few weeks anyway. The food was interesting and I got to spend time with family. I like that we are able to ignore the fact that it IS Thanksgiving by just getting together and having fun. Thank God my relatives in San Antonio are fun.

Other things I need to note are finals and my drinking and Claire. I just got into finals today, philosophy in fact. Unfortunately, I did bad. Very bad. It’s sort of sad how badly I performed. I’m hoping for a huge curve, but even then, my grade is about to be lowered. Damn. And that’s the one class I actually care about. More finals are to come in the future, so I can’t wait. I’m pumped up to take tests over subjects I can’t stand.

Claire is a really nice girl. I gave her her first kiss, which is interesting to say the least. I assume this means that the relationship is about to kick up and she’ll become attached. I don’t know though. I didn’t really want to move it forward. One, I’m a bad guy and probably not good for her. Two, I’m horrible at maintaining a relationship once I obtain it. Essentially I like the thrill of the chase and then I slack off. I want to be good for her, but I just don’t know.

Anything else? Well, my XBOX360 broke, which is pretty much a major catastrophic event surely to have a massive impact upon me. Oh well. That and I’m just ready to be home. I want to leave Trinity and spend time at home. See how people change, how they stay the same, sleep in a bed bigger than a single — you know, the basics.

So, just a few weeks. In retrospect, I will read this and not remember the absolute waste of energy I had to commit to getting there. As of right now, it is a mountain of annoyance and frustration. Don’t get me wrong here. I love Trinity. I just hate the work, and a lot of the people. And the policies. And probably other things. But I’d rather just get my three hours of sleep for tonight and call it a wrap.

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