7 Jan 2007

How could this upset my stomach?

Well, it appears that my last few days on break were hardly a break. I caught what has to be the worst stomach virus in the history of horrible non-lethal stomach viruses. And that’s pretty bad.

I believe it started Wednesday when my dad came down with it. I was fine, save for an upset stomach. Thank God. Then my mom got it Thursday. But, I was still a-okay. Then it all came crashing down on Friday morning at about 2 AM.

Since that point, I couldn’t keep anything down, let alone sleep or function as a human. I have a pretty weak stomach when these things come around, but this one trashed me out like no other. Friday afternoon I was given a shot to stop the loss of any more fluid from me (no IVs yet, and I’m crossing my fingers).

Needless to say, I drank very little and ate even less. So then this morning I decided to drive back to campus for classes — I felt pretty good. I mean, not great but enough to go in a straight line for five hours.

But I was starving, and feeling pretty good, so I thought I would try … Jack in the Box. In retrospect, I have no idea what I was thinking, but the pain my stomach is in at the moment is pretty incredible. It’s such an interesting pain as it’s really located on the left side of my stomach, but the right is fine. Who knows what this means.

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