24 January 2007

I have a very interesting life on paper, but outside of that, I think I have an incredibly boring life. Party, school, party, school, party. That’s about all that happens. That’s not to say that the parties aren’t pretty awesome usually, and that I haven’t had a lot of fun, but I still wonder what it matters. I guess I’m happy. I guess.

Honestly, I don’t like college. It’s not really a challenge, and if it is, it’s one of those “challenges” in the artificial way: I don’t care about it because it’s not interesting to me, so I have to work a lot last minute to make a decent product. I don’t really like hard work anyway, at least when I don’t see some immediate reward (i.e. money).

But whatever. Just got to pretend I care, I guess. Maybe even start caring. But I doubt it.

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