6 February 2007

Lots of partying lately, but things are going to boil down to having to do a lot of actual work — a lot of hard work. Unfortunately, I really can’t bring myself to work on things like I should. I wrote an essay during the superbowl, and I think that somehow the superbowl was more interesting than my paper, which is moderately disappointing.

I have a marketing paper to do. It’s a group project where we all do three pages. I got into a group full of academic-minded people and I’m sure they will do a good job. Though, on some level, it’s upsetting how much they care about this. What does it matter? Not much at all, I’d say. But some people take things too seriously.

I find it wicked how well I did last semester. I keep telling myself it’s a fluke, but it may not be. Is college seriously this easy? Another question on my mind is what am I doing with my life? And I don’t have a definite answer to either, but I can guess that the first answer is “it looks like it” and the second is “nothing”. I still really want to join the Marines or something, but I upset my parents who have sacrificed (and make sure they tell me all the time) so much for this. I wish they’d understand what I’m going for, but nobody really does.

In more humorus news, there’s a huge hole in the wall of our closet. My roommate and I had always banged against the walls to our wallmates, and they did the same back to us. Somewhere during this, we broke the wall. Or, I think I did. It’s a huge hole. I wonder what I’ll do about that… Hopefully it’s just a fine, but I don’t have the money. Just another thing to rely on my parents for, another thing for them to get angry at me about.

Basically, the only conversation that I have with my parents is about school or about how much something costs. And if there’s anything bad, they’ll just bring that up for months and months. Great. Something to look forward to. I think I’ll just ignore it for a little while…

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