14 February 2007

[1] Despite how much I party in college, I somehow manage to make good grades.
[2] I eat at Jack in the Box almost three times a week; I always get a Sourdough Breakfast Jack Combo (Hashbrown and orange juice), along with 3 stuffed jalapeños and 2 tacos. The total is 6.14.
[3] I drive an 04 Mustang that is far superior to my previous car, a 77 Porsche 924 — however I still miss the quirks of my old car a lot.
[4] I usually stay up to four or five every morning and I don’t really have a reason why I do it.
[5] I love guitars and playing guitars, but the only song I’m actually good at is Greensleeves.
[6] I hate laundry and I rarely do it. At the moment, 50% of my floor is covered with old clothes and that number grows every day.

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