2 April 2007

Look, I still had this thing laying around!

So it’s April. That’s sort of weird, if you ask me. Things have moved so quickly. I only have a month of real school left, and then a few days of finals and I’m out of here for the summer. In a lot of ways, I’m ready to get back home, but in others, I just don’t want to leave (class vs. having fun).

I’ve lost my voice, this time not due to a cold. It sucks. It pops and cracks, and reminds me of when I was a 12 year old. Not cool.

Other things in my life have been relaxed. I’ve been feeling good and doing well overall, but I haven’t really done anything. I mainly just sit around and hang out with friends. I guess that it doing something, but it’s pretty weaksauce if you ask me. I did some homework (whoa, me?) tonight and that sucked. I hardly ever do homework. I hate writing essays. I hate group projects. I hate doing research. So I slack off and hope it works out. So far so good.

I attended some honor society Alpha Lambda Delta I think it was, which is a prestigious award for scholars… of the freshman class. Wait, so they’re basing me off of my first semester? That’s plain genius!

So I’m done with homework now. I guess that means party time (or sleep time).

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