26 July 2007

So many Yankees!

Again, I’ve neglected to update this journal for a long time. I can’t say that much is really new in my life. Mainly just work (today I’m off). Lately, I’ve been listening to the Harry Potter books on audio CD. Nerdy, I guess, but an okay series, especially had I been younger when I started them. My coworker had the entire set on CD, so I decided that I might as well. I’m on the last book now, and things are pretty interesting.

Otherwise, I went to New York a few weeks ago. It was really an amazing experience. I have never seen such big buildings, such unending city, and such excessive shops. I bought a lot of cool junk, and that was fun. Not much point to anything I bought, though. The negative experience though, is that people were so unfriendly. Not really to say they were mean, but they just didn’t want other people to acknowledge that they were there at all. Which, to me, means they are unfriendly. I was given the excuse that people in NYC are so busy that they don’t have time to be friendly. That is outright wrong. I can be as pressed as I ever have been, but I still try to acknowledge and be friendly to others. Also, everything was incredibly expensive. I paid 13 dollars for a hamburger. I spent a lot more money than I wanted to, that’s for sure. Still, an overall great trip.

I have also been playing the guitar a lot. My fingers are black and blue, cut, scabbed, and blistered. But I finally can play a song I like.

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