27 September 2007

This game stole my soul.

Halo 3. Yes, it’s amazing. I’ve beat the single player (which was weaksauce) and now I’m playing online. A lot.

For example, it’s 4:45 AM on a Thursday morning. Thursday. I have class in a few hours.

What the hell? I have never done this sort of thing before. Even when I partied (too busy ranking up to do that anymore), the latest I’d stay up to was like 3 AM. The game is a drug. Stay away from it! (And by stay away I mean please by all means buy it and add me, Sitruunatee, to your friends list. I’d love to play!)

I guess the reason I’m always playing so late is because of the amount of schoolwork I have to do first before I start playing. Some nights have had 5 hours of reading and essays. I’m not really sure what my professors are trying to pull. Some sort of endurance test, I guess.

Anyway, just thought I’d like you know that I’ve become a mindless gaming zombie with no life as of 12:01 AM on September 25. Hopefully I get tired of this really quick!

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