8 February 2008

Hrm, classes appear to be a lot easier this semester, which I’m thankful for. Things are about the same. I lay around all day doing nothing. What a party!

I have a few girl situations now, one that I want that is far away, and a few that I don’t want. It’s unfortunate, but I’ll get through it. I wonder what I’ll be saying this summer. That said, I’m really looking forward to being done with this year. How much longer can I stand of these stupid classes? At least I’ll be done with almost all of my basics; just one lab class left. I haven’t done any reading for any of my classes yet. I don’t know if I have to. Strangely enough, I’ve already had one quiz and I have another next week. How weird! Usually tests are midterms and finals, but apparently not this time around. Oh well, more grades is probably better.

Today I feel sort of dragging, though I don’t have much of a reason. Perhaps it’s the alcohol I consume. I’m not really sure. Either way, I’m just sort of… going along. I don’t know where I’m going to though. And, I need to work out more too. I remember having a six pack. Now it’s a 3 pack if I sit down. Sexy.

I have a website project going on right now, so hopefully that pulls through and I make some mad bank. We’ll see on that one. I think it’s pretty much confirmed though. Thank God — I need the money!

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