12 February 2008

It took me such a long time to realize that Paros was Pharaohs

Who would have thought that there is a word out there I would hate more than any other. Worse than a curse word, the word “yeah” is now permanently the worst word ever spoken. Why is this?

In my Art History class this semester, my teacher (who is from Korea 10 years ago…) says “yeah” after everything. As an example, I recorded one sentence at the first of class exactly:

“Today — yeah — we learn about Egypt — yeah — Paros — how you say, Paros — yeah — and how they con–, build the pyramids in forf dynasty; yeah.”

So, just how many times can someone say “yeah” do you think? Dan, my roommate, guessed 240 times. How about 522 TIMES. Can you even believe that? It’s the most annoying, frustrating, and overall horrible thing I’ve ever had to deal with. I’ve had bad professors, and this professor isn’t even that bad, but this quirk is killing me and everyone else in the class.

But let’s do some math… If on average she uses “yeah” 522 times in 75 minutes, that’s once every 8.6 seconds. Wow.

Let’s see how many times it will be in a semester. There are 30 days of class in the semester, equaling over 15,000 times she will have said “yeah” to the class. If we go on the assumption that every “yeah” takes about a second to say, that’s over 4 hours of time she will have wasted in my life.

In terms of class as a whole, there are 37.5 hours in this semester, and about 11% of that will be “yeah”.

Seriously, yeah. This, yeah, is the worst, yeah, experience, yeah, I can possibly, yeah, recall in college, yeah.

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