12 April 2009

Finally, I make a real post. It doesn’t seem like that long since I last got on this, and I could have sworn I updated after I got here, but apparently not. I can talk a little more now about the differences between home and here, although many of the differences now feel obvious. Driving on the wrong side of the road actually is feeling more right. Although I am a Texan, my fears of traveling to Australia were pretty much pointless. Everyone here is extremely nice and Americans, while they get a bad rep as a group, as individuals are treated very well. Aussies can’t even tell my accent — I am often asked if I’m from Canada, which is apparently the favorite foreigner for Oz. Don’t ask me!

Hanging out at the extremely classy Newport "hotel". I wouldn't want to stay here.

The yankees from my group turned out to be a really great selection of people for the most part. The guys from Pittsburg are awesome, and they know how to party. I haven’t really stuck with them as part of my crew for the most part, but we’re all on friendly terms still. Cairns was a fun experience in general, and it gave me a taste of Australia. I managed to get kicked out of the bar on the first night so a success in general. But, that whole experience seems like ages ago at this point. We were all different people, slightly.

These days I pretty much hang out by the pool and do some clubbing at night. Monday Norfolk, Tuesday Kardy, Wednesday Newport, Thursday Claremont, Friday Northbridge, Saturday Metros Freo, Sunday Sess at the Cot. Pretty solid party schedule. Occasionally I mix it up, but I’m pretty set on my favorite places.

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