9 May 2009

I missed them a lot.

Working at Coles is always a treat; I get told to do the same things well every night, and I do the same thing. It’s one of those “turn your brain off” type of jobs that feels satisfying only when you get a paycheck. I am working towards paying off the rest of my debt, and perhaps having somewhat of a social life. Frustratingly, I’ve been penned up in my room doing work, and I think my flatmate has gave me some sort of killer super cold. I feel so weak and tired. That said, I am also living off instant noodles, cereal, and some water. I have about two weeks of time before I complete my classes here, and then I have one final on June 15. Once I finish those three papers and projects, and the final, I will be around for another 14 days where I will work my ass off. I plan to put in as many hours as humanly possible to save for home.

I do miss home. I never really realized how much I love Texas, but this has been a good experience with another part of the world. I will eat so much of the food I miss; steaks, burgers, ribs. And, I will get to see the people I care about most in my life: my close friends, and my family.

I am hoping to still have a tan, but it’s starting to get ever so slightly colder now. Combined with my illness, work, and school, I feel like I may lose it even while it still is warm. What a shame!

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