Welcome to the New

So, after seven years of posting on my private blog which I had coded myself using raw HTML and some CSS, I decided it was time to go the route of a more flexible, progressive standard and introduce it at claychastain.com — after all, that is my name, so it should be about me. The domain has just recently lapsed; some former Kansas City mayor hopeful had previously used it, but who cares about that guy? (And, apparently, he’s a massive douchebag.)I figured I should snatch it up while I can. I already know some competing Clay Chastains on Facebook, and I feel like I’m the best and most important one so I might as well have the dot com. (That is only kind of a joke).

I also felt like, despite the fact that no one really reads my blog, I should keep it updated and this was getting harder and harder to do with the old format. This one is simple to use and I can tag posts, making it easy to post several updates a day all on different subjects and whatever musings I may want to express. All of the previous posts, going back to November 2003, have been migrated and I’ve made a cursory attempt to update them with categories and tags. My blog can be easily sorted using the right sidebar. Tags are for small portions of what I’m talking about and categories are things like important time periods (such as High School, College, Navy, etc.) and also for broad groupings, which right now only consist of Migrated Posts, but will eventually take form when I figure out what I want to say. Also, I’m intending on importing posts from my deviantART journal, since I tended to update there as well with things were more generic about my life, but are still noteworthy to who I am. They’ll be tagged separately so you can get an idea of what’s what.

With all this said, the only other thing I should address is the public nature of the blog. Now that it is listed on search engines and it will be easily accessible to anyone (I mean, how clever do you have to be to connect claychastain.com to me?), it also means that the content needs to be toned down, or does it? I’m wondering this myself because in X years I could being X thing and person Y uses post Z as a weapon against me. Then again, I’m not ashamed of the things I’ve done because they make me who I am. I feel like it’s more credible in getting to know me and what I’ve gone through that makes me a more sincere person. Unfortunately, being in marketing, I really do know how words can be used for or against someone. It’s a scary concept, and I’m not sure what I’ll be revealing in the future, but this post is here for me to look back later and agree or disagree with. We’ll just have to see!

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