Nightscene and Social Networks

NightScene: Find Your Scene

Although I’ve kept this idea a secret for almost a year now, it’s finally in its beta stages and we’ll be accepting users in the near future. I think site has it all, and what it is, I can only summarize from the brief page online. Nightscene will revolutionize how you find things to do at night in your area. Currently, we’re referring to it as NightsceneDC because it’s being tested in Washington D.C., a bastion of social networking users who are active in a huge amount of nightlife around the city

Essentially, this is a social website mixed with a review site, but how we’re approaching it is mostly unlike every other site out there. If you’re trying to find some booming nightlife, it really sucks trying to find a site that does it right, and we’re attempting to make it easy to find new places, share them with your friends, and make a social site where the user controls what they see and how venues are shown. The ideas are familiar, but doing it right, that’s the thing that matters.

And so, on this note, doing it right is what I want to speak on. I’m a graphic designer that has spent several years working both freelance and for firms, and I’ve worked with so many clients it’s hard to even count the amount of projects I’ve been a part of. This alone really doesn’t give me any credibility. Isn’t everyone a designer these days? It is a fun field to get into, and one of the most competitive, especially when the economy sucks and no one is buying advertising (welcome to my life).

Gotta go hard, gotta go in a black v

The urge to just rush this thing out the door has been there from the start. I like the idea, I want to use it, and I want other people to use it. And I wouldn’t mind getting a profit since my current job (working in the oil field) is a far cry from the comforts of a Wacom tablet and a water cooler. That said, everything in my gut is telling me to wait, to make this as polished and engaging to the end user as it can be. Without this, I feel like we’ll feel generic — like we’re ripping off other social sites and trying to make a buck. We can’t do that. Both myself and Sam, and the other contributors to NightScene, have such a love for this idea because it’s our idea, and it’s something that we’ve both experienced when trying to find the right nightlife. (Trust us, we wear black vnecks and pound drinks like the best of ’em.)

So, we’re at the stage where we can see the results: our developers and designers are delivering things that are close — but not quite there — and we can already taste what we want from the site. Personally, this idea has become one of the few creations that I absolutely love. It’s the culmination of everything social that I like and everything that I see on sites that I dislike, I made sure that we don’t repeat it. Fun, functional, and easy. We just have to make sure that we come together as a team to make the last push and then go from there.

Right now we’re all excited, nervous, and, hopefully, very happy with our progress. This started as an idea in Sam’s head, and then it spread to me, making mockups and coming up with functionality ideas, and now it’s about to have real life, be a real business. We should be taking a fair number of beta testers right after the new year, if all goes right. It’s actually already up in landing page form, if you want to find out more and follow us.

What I guess I’m saying is that if we do this right, this will be huge. If we do this wrong, we’ll be tossed aside. If we take too long, we could get muddled  and confused. Everything has to be perfect, but unfortunately I can’t tell the future. There’s not an app for that. (Actually, I checked and there is but it’s 2.99. Rude.)

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