Nose Bleed

This is how I look the other 99% of the time

So, I’m not sure what it is about Midland and the West Texas area in general, but for whatever reason, I get nosebleeds about once every week or two weeks. Maybe it’s the dry climate, maybe it’s the dust. I’m not entirely sure. I know it’s just this part of the country though because I never got them in San Antonio or anywhere else.

Well, today I was driving in my truck to a  unit near Garden City that had stopped responding and I realized that my nose was dripping blood all over me and had apparently been for a little while because I hadn’t noticed. I quickly grabbed for something to stop the leak with, which ended up being a Sonic paper bag, and tried to at least collect the blood and make sure it didn’t get on anything I would have to pay for (thankfully, it didn’t).

While scrambling for this, my left hand had already got completely covered in blood (this was a good flow) and I’m pretty sure I looked like I had just been shot in the face. Of course, what could happen but, in the middle of a nowhere, a truck was trying to pass me. I watched him pull around me into the oncoming lane and pass, and then, he must have saw me and wondered what the hell he had just witnessed, and instead of going into the right lane to overtake me, he slowed down and matched my speed right beside me. He just looked over with this perplexed look and I gave him the “What?” look like nothing was wrong. He eventually drove on, but it took him about 15 seconds of staring at me for him to get tired of it. This was kind of weird, kind of hilarious. If it had been me in that truck I would have been pulling out my phone to take a picture, so I guess I can’t fault the guy.

Either way, it’s not something I’m likely to forget for a while.

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