Our Christmas tree, and I didn’t even have to help put it together

December for me usually just means it’s freezing cold and I’m in Midland for the holidays. Now that I’m living here for who knows how long until the Navy lets me figure out my future, I have just kind of faded into this month — there aren’t any finals or big parties to announce it at school, and now this is my life. I try not to hate on Midland too much (oh wait, no I don’t), but last Thursday I think everything finally got to me. I was having one of those days where you just think “how much more of this can I take”, and it was compounded by the frustrations of the preceding days. As well, not knowing what is going on in my life is really hard when I can barely afford my student loans, my job was supposed to be temporary, and I have to be here just in a holding pattern until I find out.

I’m a gangster, or an oil field worker sick of dust.

So, on this Thursday I managed to get H2S gassed pretty good and lost my breakfast from the stuff (it makes me really sick to my stomach, for some reason; my dad shrugged this off like I was just weak, but whatever). And then the next unit I went to had yellow jackets inside the panel, meaning as soon as I opened it they got completely pissed. I tried to go back to it to close it, but they were too angry, leading me to have to wrap up in every piece of winter clothes I could find to try to protect myself to go in for a quick run and get my ladder back and get the unit sealed up. I managed to do it, though I did get stung and was covered in them when I was scrambling to get into my truck. Just not a fan of these things. So they next unit I go to — same deal, full of yellow jackets. And this is the day that I ran out of wasp spray while I was spraying them. Not a very good situation to be in, trust me. Basically, the whole day turned out to be a complete bust and I was driving home just thinking about how I didn’t want to go home, but I didn’t want to be at work, but I had to do both things in one day.

The most exciting thing of the week: I got lost in the field and found the remains of Hobbs AFB, complete with old plane parts and grown up runways.

Somehow the day ended and things were better the next day. The wind had died down so I didn’t need a bandanna to keep from choking on the dust, and it was strangely something like 85 degrees. Some December this is turning out to be. I know because I said this we’ll have record cold temperatures now. I even spent some time at my brother’s and played some video games, which was nice for a change. Yes, this is about as close to going out as I get lately.

I’m excited for people I like coming into town for a few days. Change things up and refresh my sanity. I’m also hopeful that this coming week I will find out what the Navy will do with me so I can know for sure where I’m going, when I’m going, and what I’m doing. I need something to look forward to, and these are the two things that keep me going. I also need some structure that isn’t this structure. That is my hope on the horizon.

5 thoughts on “December

  1. Alicia December 5, 2010 / 8:45 PM

    I’m really sorry your December isn’t going how you want it to. And I understand how you feel when your mom says those things to you. We’re having family problems too and sometimes I think I’m to blame from all the comments I get. It’s ok though, you have a lot of people that love you and they wouldn’t if you were so awful. ❤ Not that it makes the hurt less, but it's a positive to think about when you're feeling down. 

    I hope you only got a little H2S gas, that stuff can make you really sick with prolonged exposure. Please be careful! Also, the Home Depot in Midland sells flying insect killer that's by ECOsmart and it's a natural yellow jacket killer, maybe get some? Or just carry more of whatever you had I guess.

    🙂 Good luck with the Navy plans, etc. I hope things get better!

    • Clay Chastain December 9, 2010 / 9:49 PM

      I informed my dad and he picked up like 10 cans. I’m good for now. And, as it gets colder, the yellow jackets will stop coming out and moving. Which is good — when it’s hot, they get all sorts of angry.

  2. Emily December 8, 2010 / 12:48 AM

    Boooo. You deserve better. But nowhere to go from here but up, right? =)

    If you ever need a weekend getaway, there’s an extra room/bed here in Houston that you’re welcome to. =)

    PS. Except when Eleina’s home. Cuz it’s her bed. You can’t have her bed while she’s home. >_>

    • Clay Chastain December 9, 2010 / 9:51 PM

      Well, I don’t think I’m entitled to anything. We all have our rough spots and I’m sure my darkest days pale in comparison to so many people. But it still sucks, ha.

      And I am ABSOLUTELY going to visit you soon. I think a big part of me getting angsty is just not having the life I used to have — all the friends, all the fun. So I will come visit very soon.

      As for your sister, we don’t have to share a bed. Anywhere is good for me. 😉

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