This Is My Rifle

Vintage M48 Mauser bolt-action rifle

So on Sunday, I decided to buy a rifle from a coworker of my dad’s. I had been looking for a more modern rifle, but after hearing the history of the piece and learning more about it, I started to really want to try it out. It’s pretty awesome. Essentially, this rifle, the M48 Mauser, is the same as the Karbiner 98 Kurz (Kar98k, for short). The Kar98k is the rifle the Germans used in World War II with great success, even though other contemporary rifles of the same started leaning towards semi-automatic firing mechanisms. In fact, countries still use these things today as viable weapons — as recently as the ’90s they were seen used by a professional military, and right now as we fight in Afghanistan, the insurgents are using them against us.

As you can see from the photo, this thing is pretty much wood and metal. It’s a bolt-action, so there’s a metal mechanism that you pull back on and press forward to manually load the next bullet into the chamber. Decisively old school, though many hunters still prefer this because it’s easy, cheap, and produces the same results, albeit the time between firing a round is increased. Also worth noting is the the stock end is actually straight up metal. Now, I haven’t fired this thing (if it will fire) because I had to order the ammo online since no one really makes this stuff anymore (I literally had to buy 1970’s Yugoslavian ammo in the original ammo crates). However, I’m sure when I do get this thing locked and loaded, I’ll have to bring some serious padding. The metal was mainly meant to ensure the weapon would survive a lot of abuse. You can beat something/someone with it and I’m sure it’d be just fine. Probably a good way to bust down a door or something.

Otherwise, I bought the bayonet to go with it online since these are getting harder and harder to come by. Figured I might as well get the whole package. Also, I suppose it would be easier to shank a drifter with. My mom is contemplating getting wall mounts to display it since it looks pretty attractive. I will admit that it grows on you. I shined up the wood and the leather strap which came with it had never been unrolled, so I had to work it with some saddle soap, but now it’s pretty soft.

Really, this is a pretty cool find and it’s just making me wish it was the end of the week so I could spend my Saturday at the range messing with it.

2 thoughts on “This Is My Rifle

  1. nat February 3, 2012 / 2:30 AM

    man i dont even kno how old this article is but dude dont be fooled by the wierd numbers……7.92×57 is 8mm Remington makes it. expensive shit dude

    • Clay Chastain February 3, 2012 / 5:19 AM

      My cheapest option has been buying unused Soviet era 8mm. There’s an absolute ton of it so you can get 500 rounds for a lot less than you’d imagine.

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