Evening Colors

Doing the Dress Whites. So classy.

Probably the single most entertaining event that happens on base every night is evening colors. Charleston Weapons Station and the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command are full of sailors going to and from work all day, and the pace never really lets up — until about 2000 every night. About this time, everyone is doing their best to get inside to avoid evening colors, which is the lowering of the ensign. It varies from day to day, so it’s always a risk. If you get caught during it, you have to stay there and salute for all of a minute or so, which is apparently the world’s worst torture to endure. The entire base turns into a ghost town and watching people do an awkward walk/run in uniform to escape it will never get old. Ever.

The beer rotameter. Yes, this is a crappy mechanic's joke.

Anyway, things here have been going pretty well. I turned 23 and spent my birthday working. But I did manage to get out off the base for a while. This past weekend though was much more important: I phased up. A school operates on phases, and I was in phase 1 prior to this last weekend. In phase 1, you can’t drink or wear civilian clothes, which was a downer. So I definitely got extremely plastered. That was basically my entire goal. Glad to get that out of my system, but I’ll probably keep it up next weekend to a lesser extent. It’s always good to release a little steam.

I can’t really say I’ve been doing much else besides churning out a ridiculous amount of hours studying nuclear stuff. It’s all pretty uninteresting unless you’re really into boring things. I hear it gets more interesting later on. But, I’ve been doing well on my exams and it’s helped me bump up my average, which means less mandatory hours so I can finally do things like eat dinner or work out. Awesome.

Alright, time for bed — it’s 9 PM!

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