1/3 Compete and the Super Bowl

3 years since Australia. This was the happiest time of my life. When I look at these photos I get so happy, then so, so sad.

So, Friday marked the 1/3rd point of Navy Nuclear Power School. As a whole, I’d describe my experience as absolutely awful. I can’t imagine anyone who likes it, but I’m 1/3rd done and that gives me hope. Once I’m at that 2/3rd point it’ll be the home stretch and then it’s just hanging on until the end. On Reddit, I read a lot of the Navy posts about people just enlisting wondering about the Nuke field, and I feel like I should make one giant post to just reference them to. But, honestly, I can just say that it’s hard to deal with. You sit in a chair all day and grind away, trying to memorize things that you have no interest in and that you’ll never use again (a lot like college, but worse).

I think what really gets me is not the material but how we’re engaged by our instructors, who are all ensigns, minus one enlisted guy. There’s such a huge disconnect between enlisted and officer, and I’m not sure why. If you want to engage someone, you need to give respect both ways — it’s a mutual thing. Unfortunately, most of the officers just make us feel like we’re absolutely retarded for not knowing something and treat us like children. I’m a grown up so treat me like one. That’s too much to ask for though.

What really makes me wonder about that whole thing is that I’m trying to make officer — my package is being compiled as you read this. So, when I become an officer, will I instantly turn into that? Or will I just be me? I relate so much more with the enlisted side. I like to have fun, engage with people, and… act more like a person than anything. I don’t think I can switch from being me to that. That said, I  don’t mean to say I don’t want to be a leader. I’d love that opportunity. Part of the whole officer side is not only being a leader, but acting as a mentor. That’s a process that is give and take. Maybe it’s just this command that is like that; I’m really interested to seeing the real Navy. Right now we’re Boy Scouts with a pair of crows on our uniform.

Driving around town. Getting off base is one of my favorite activities.

Now, on the actually exciting part: the Super Bowl. Today I churned out the worst work possible to rush home. Definitely going to make it a party tonight and then see how it turns out when I wake up at 4:30 AM tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to look like a sentient being tomorrow. Planning on doing a little grilling, some drinking, and pretending, for a moment, that Monday doesn’t exist. I can’t wait for Friday already! It’s funny how the weeks just blur by. The more time you put in the building, the faster time warps to Friday. But, it’s hard to stop yourself from going absolutely insane at the same time.

Let’s see, not much else going on. I did my taxes and that was more fun than working. My brother is in the hospital right now. He had his colon removed last week and it was a tough surgery. He’s doing better now, thankfully. Besides that, it’s just the daily grind. Just 16 weeks to go!

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