At a Loss for Words

Hey guys. I’ve gotten a couple tips from random people online about my identity being used to defraud people out of personal information, money, and all sorts of things. I didn’t really put much thought into it, but it looks like someone is using my life to take advantage of people and I am not comfortable with any of this news coming back to me.

If you’re coming here because you found something by “me” on a dating site, gambling website, Xbox Live, art website, or random forum or blog, that is not me. I only go by Clay Chastain and I use the alias “lemontea” on Xbox Live and deviantART. If someone is using my photos from this blog, my deviantART account, or — God forbid — my Facebook account, find out all of the information you can about whoever this is and e-mail me at From the tips I have received so far, the person is using 210, 505, and 281 area codes when talking to people over the phone. 

I live in Honolulu, HI. I do not live in any other location. I do not work for a design company. I do not use any websites besides Reddit, deviantART, Facebook (private), and this blog. I have one phone number and I will not be listing that, but if you have it, you know what it is. Some aliases that my photos, art work, and likeness have been used with are “JC”, “John”, “Chris”, and “Morgan”. Again, I do not go by these. From what I have been told, the photos that have been taken from me are or were on my deviantART account, or on my private server, As a precaution, I will be removing all content from, hiding many private posts here, and possibly deleting my deviantART account. I’m also going to set every Facebook feature to private. If you are coming here and reading this for the first time because you are unsure if these images or stories are actually me, I need to know immediately. Apparently this person has nearly used lies and manipulation to get “travel money” from someone. I have a job and I don’t need money.

Since I know that a large part of the “story” the person is using comes from this site, I know you are probably reading this. You are seriously fucked up. If I find out who you are, I will immediately report you to the FBI division of cyber crimes, and your local law enforcement. How pathetic is a person that they have to use the pictures and life story of someone else? I made this blog originally to share with friends and family, and you are most certainly neither. Quit while you are ahead.

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