Hawaii Life

Here I am thoroughly drunk at sub ball in downtown Honolulu
Here I am thoroughly drunk at sub ball in downtown Honolulu

Well, after my last downer of a post, I stopped posting for a while out of anger, being out to sea, and working my ass off. As it turns out, submarine life is pretty hard, but it seems doable (some days more than others). I’ve made good progress on all of my qualifications, getting phone talker, primary valve operator, and engineering laboratory technician finished ahead of schedule. I’m just a few more days away from standing shutdown roving watch and engine room lower level, which are most of the key qualifications I’ll need to be a decent ELT. It’s hard to think that I’ve been on board since January — most of the people on-board hardly even know I’ve been around so long (I was recently told they thought I had just got on last month!). I pretty much keep to myself and my division, except when I need to interact with other divisions for maintenance, training, or check outs.

My division is full of people I enjoy that are knowledgeable and helpful, and they provide good backup when I make a mistake — which is a pretty common for a new ELT. Most of what I’ve been doing recently is trying to enjoy my weekends and free time after work; deployment is looming closer and closer. I’m sort of looking forward to the idea of going to sea and having a deployment under my belt, but also dreading leaving Carissa. If I was single, I would be so much happier at sea because I wouldn’t have my wife at home alone to worry about. It really has been tough trying to balance work and home life.

My dog plays hard...
My dog plays hard…

Since I last updated, Molly, our new puppy, has gotten much bigger and slightly smarter. We also have a cat, named Cat, which Molly absolutely dominates. I feel like they are my children and it will actually be hard to leave them behind as well. I’ll have to have Carissa send me dog and cat updates when I am able to actually get e-mails. I’ve done a few underways, which definitely makes leaving easier, but it will never be fun to leave my family for half a year (or more).

... And sleeps even harder!
… And sleeps even harder!

In other news, I’m still a third class petty officer, even after taking the test six times for advancement. Instead, a guy who just got to the boat got it. Amazingly, the other new person on my boat is Pendergrass, a guy I went to boot camp, A-school, Power School, Prototype, and almost ELT school with. It’s pretty amazing that we ended up on the same boat after 3 years of being together through the pipeline.

Right now, I consider this the calm before the storm. I’m more focused on getting things done at home and relaxing than hard charging at work. I have so much more time to do that when we leave. By the time I come home, I certainly hope everything is just as I left it (except my bank account, which I hope to be full of money!).

5 thoughts on “Hawaii Life

  1. Chloe November 19, 2014 / 1:29 PM

    One of my friends in a submarine and he was really upset to leave. However I think that was just due to the fact that 24 hours ago confessed his “love” for me, which was awkward him doing that knowing I have a boyfriend and sending me love messages for the nxt two days. Anyways, I hope you are doing alright. I’m such nothing about the military comes easy….well except the discounts and free food and such hehehe.

    • Clay Chastain December 25, 2014 / 7:32 AM

      Ah, sounds a little awkward, but that’s life I guess. I’m doing just fine… waiting for deployment to be over already!

      • Chloe February 12, 2015 / 1:56 PM

        where are you stationed?

      • Clay Chastain February 21, 2015 / 5:42 PM

        I’m stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii right now. Though currently I am still on deployment.

      • Chloe March 5, 2015 / 1:56 PM

        No having fun anymore?

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