Back to Duty

Submarine Birthday Ball 2016

Back in the middle of March, I finally got cleared to stand duty again. I have only one more appointment left before I am done with all things relating to my shoulder. Is it completely fixed? Well, I can do things, but they don’t always feel great. It’s a much better shoulder than I had after deployment, that much is certain.

With that comes standing duty and re-qualifying all the watches that I haven’t stood in a year. We are still in shipyard and will be until I get out of the Navy, so at least I’m thankful for that. At my last Career Development Board, I think I made good progress with the command about transitioning out of the Navy.

On my side of things, I’ve started talking to recruiters and looking for real world jobs. It’s still very early, but I’m confident that I can find something interesting to do. I’m starting to think more about buying a house and settling down for good, which is both scary and comforting. We are really trying for the Southwest. I would love to live around New Mexico.

The view from the cruise ship. Hawaii is a beautiful place.

Carissa and I did the same cruise we did a year ago, and it was awesome like before. We love cruises and I think the next one we might do is a Mediterranean one, once I actually have a job and regular income on the civilian side.

I haven’t updated this much, but really not much is new. We’ve just been hanging out with the dogs and enjoying our time together. Even though I am not at home once every four nights, at least I’m not out to sea again.

3 thoughts on “Back to Duty

  1. Cynthia Martin May 7, 2016 / 9:41 AM

    You are a real asshole!! Who do you think you are making comments about Texas as you rush through these areas . Just read your comments on foursquare and decided to investigate the ignorant bastard that made them. WhAt an ugly fat ass douche!! No wonder this country is such a nightmare if you are a representative of our military. ( although it is only the navy) . You are an idiot .

    • Clay Chastain August 17, 2016 / 9:27 PM

      Haha, love this comment! Well, I guess I think I’m a born and raised Texan for 23 years before I joined the Navy. I’m glad that you read my foursquare comments from 2010 or whatever. I’m sure you are an attractive, fit model.

      I’m sure that my reviews of places to eat on Foursquare are 100% indicative of my ability to serve on a nuclear submarine and earn a Navy Achievement Medal while doing it.

      Thanks for the feedback. You’re probably a great Texan. God bless.

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