31 July 2010

This is a thing of great beauty

I’m 22 years old, I’m in the best shape of my life, and I’ve got a great future ahead of me. I’m definitely excited! My dad helped me buy a new pistol, a .45 M1911 A1 that is absolutely sick nasty ill disgusting. (Yes, really that cool.)

12 July 2010

When I was getting some food, I saw a pretty girl eating alone. I asked to eat with her and she never touched her sandwich, so I asked why. Here is the exact wording of the conversation:

Girl: I have this thing where I can’t eat because my brain tells my body I’m too fat.
Me: Oh, so you have an eating disorder?
Girl: No way! That’s dumb!
Me: You literally just gave the definition of anorexia.
Girl: Oh, but I don’t throw up or anything.
Me: No, that would be bulimia.
Girl: I don’t know what you’re saying so just give up.

I got up and left. At this moment, I don’t think I’m ever going to talk to another person again.

22 March 2010

As usual, I’ve slacked off on updating this. I suppose it’s just because I’m busy or just not really caring. Not too much is new in my life, however. I suppose more than usual, though.

I’ve been searching for a job and this whole process is extremely frustrating. Employers treat potential employees like trash for the most part, canceling meetings and not showing up to them (the company in question is called CityVoice in San Antonio). It’s an annoying process and my hopes of getting something in San Antonio have pretty much been erased. I’m expanding my search to all across Texas (at least in major cities) and a few other places. I have something going on with Sam though, and that could really pan out — and Austin is the best location for that. Hopefully it will pan out because I really think Sam and I would do best on yacht being rich, but the market is crowded and it’s hard to bring an idea to reality. But I am hopeful and hope is really what can make or break an idea. We’ve got to keep pushing ahead.

Sam was taking care of the Gremlins while we chilled.

Also new in my life is a girlfriend, Stephanie, who is a really nice girl. She’s fun to hang out with and as weird as I am, which makes things a lot more compatible. I’m really not a girlfriend kind of guy so we’ll see where this goes. I’m currently happy, but I demand a certain amount of space and freedom which seems a little hard to get right now. That said, that’s coupled with all the things that are going on at school and in my personal life.

I’m continuing to work out, although I’ve hurt my left shoulder pretty badly and so I’ve had to relax my efforts. I will eventually get a giant ripped beast, or so I hope, but for right now I’ve got to take it easy for a few more weeks before I ramp up my weights. Of course, it’s hard to have a consistent work out schedule when I’m so busy with everything else. On top of it, Spring Break 2010 pretty much set me back two months. I haven’t drank and partied like that in a long time. It was certainly very fun to be there for SXSW and St. Patty’s, and I had a few of the best days of my college career. However, at the same time, it’s good to be back. I’m not really sure how anyone gets anything done in Austin; how do college students not drop out immediately? I don’t think I could handle doing that sort of thing unless it were my job! Somehow, we need to get paid to party…

13 January 2010

Well, it’s the new year. I’m back at Trinity starting my last semester up. That feels really, really awkward. I’m, at this point, supposed to get a job I guess. Oh well, hope I can. I think I’d make a good worker wherever I end up at; I just hope I end up somewhere that I would find fun. Of course, what I find fun is different than most people. I want to try to avoid the spec work rat race of design. It’s too unpredictable and that scares me when I want to have a future. That said, I’m confident that no matter what I do will pan out.

It was pretty good.

I’ve started working out again for the first time in a long time. I’m pretty sure I destroyed my left arm completely and my right arm is spasming I write this, making it difficult to focus (let alone hit the keys). This kick probably won’t go anywhere, but it does make me feel better about myself when I choose to eat at my two favorite places, Jack in the Box and Chilis. I’m such an American. Oh well.

I’ve been cooking a lot more too, which has been fun. Tonight I made delicious chicken, and earlier I made a steak. When I actually have the time, it’s worth it. Unfortunately, just as last time, when the semester gets going I will become tired and worn down, and all I want to do is eat some nasty fast food crap and go to bed after a couple of beers.

Speaking of beers, I’ve decided to hold off on them. I’m not fat per se, but it’s obvious I’ve been starting a beer belly. I don’t want to end up like some of the people I know that have the one that rolls over the belt. Not my thing. So hurray, I’ve stopped drinking! Well, actually not. I’m just going to switch to vodka and mix it with cranberry and V8. From the amount of beer I drink vs the amount of vodka I would drink, I might even save money. Still, it will feel weird if I don’t drink beer while watching the Cowboys.

Me and my brother, Steven, at the game. We shut out the Eagles.

And now that I mention the Cowboys, over the new years break I was able to go see the Cowboys shut out the Eagles. It was amazing, if only because of the stadium. It’s impossible to describe, but must be one of the new wonders of the world. Really incredible. And, this COULD be the year for the Cowboys to go to the superbowl. I’m saying this now but there’s still two very tough games ahead. But I support my ‘boys.

I think that’s about it. I’m not sure what else I’ll be doing this semester, but I know I’ll be on the radio hosting and if I can, I’ll go back to the TV station. We’ll have to see!

13 November 2009

Alright, so, as usual, I’ve been neglecting this. A lot of this comes from the fact that I’ve been so busy with school and just getting through life that I’ve been too busy, but also because I’m just forgetful.

Not too much is new anyway. I’m working like a dog, especially this weekend, to get through a big set of obstacles that in the long run of things are more like a hill before the looming threat of finals. Great!

Eventually I bought one.

It’s surprising to me that it’s November, especially being that it’s about 80 degrees outside. Huh? I’m all for the mild winters, don’t get me wrong. I hope it stays hot and sunny forever, and then I can skip over that whole cold thing. It is weird though.

I’m in the process of freaking out about what I’m doing after I graduate. It’s a hard thing to think about, especially since I have no idea. I know my professors and contacts will help me out, so I’m not completely worried, but the future is definitely a looming uncertainty, at least at this point. It’s also hard to transition from the mentality of a college student to a professional. I don’t even own a suit, and my lfiestyle is not very professional at all. I’m not sure who I’ll end up or how I’ll be. It’s probably not much of a worry though. Looking back, big changes always seem to go well enough for me.

I'm so cool I took a picture of how cool I am

On top of all this worry, I have Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Alright, alright, I know it’s a game but the thing is absorbing my soul. I just can’t stop playing it. It’s fun and highly addictive. This is certainly the best video game ever made; it’s hard for me to put it down. The problem is that I’m so busy I end up partitioning my time favoring the video game.

I think things will change once I care about my job and have fun doing things. And get paid. It’s a completely different mentality than school is. I’m so burnt out on it, I just want to get done and move on to the next big adventure.

26 September 2009

My humble abode

I’m back! Actually, I never left or intended to abandon this web log, but the end of Australia and the start of summer followed by moving into my own place and going to school has left me pretty distracted. All of my courses are intense and I’m stuck working on papers and projects pretty much all throughout the week, even the weekend.

Not much else in my life is particularly new or interesting, however. I have my eyes on a girl, not that I have time for a relationship, so we’ll see if anything happens. I’ve been messing around a little with a few girls but most of them are freaks I want to avoid at all costs. Oh well. Been hitting the bars (Bays and Limelight) here and there, and I’ve appreciated not paying for booze at frat parties again.

In other news, that’s about it. I managed to hit a deer with my car, which was scary, but the damage is all fixed now. I pretty much just get up and go to school and come home. Exciting stuff right there.