17 February 2004

I never did buy this book, but I did see half of a made for TV movie. Basically the same thing.

Final report cards grades are in. Amazingly, I got a 96 on a geometry test I didn’t understand. Praying to God might have helped? I think I may pick up a copy of Fahrenheit 451… Always wanted to read it. I’m cheap though, probably will download it. I need my money for … … uh… I don’t. But, I can pretend. I should just spoil my friends that I care about instead.

Nothing is happening lately. Just… boring.

Man, do I love that! Hrm, yes, yes, back to work. Stupid math problems. Stupid math. I hate math.


26 April 2003

I ended up making salmon, apparently.

Wow, today was great. Saw a movie with my girlfriend, Emily… And I have this English project due Monday; 140 entries on A Separate Peace… Seriously need to start…

Ah, life is good, except for monday when i dont have anything done on my project… People say my vectors are good… I’m really starting to beleive them… I’ll be honest, my inspiration is coming from deviantART. Thanks. I’m doing another sushi vector soon… a simple one… maybe shrimp or something…