9 August 2004

I’m working. Well, the same film studio who hired me as an actor now uses me as a webmaster and a video converter (analog to digital and to various formats). I enjoy working there, because now I can say I’m an Assistant Producer instead of a Custodial Engineer (which I still do, and yes, that means janitor.)

I got my driver’s license today. Neat stuff, I suppose. Wish me luck that I don’t crash it or flip off of a 50 foot bridge into a hole full of pit vipers or something.

29 July 2004

I’ll be turning 16 on July 31. I already bought my present, a computer upgrade, in June before memory went up in price. I think the only thing I really want is a prints account, but I dunno, no big deal I guess. I will officially be driving my 1977 Porsche 924 Martini Edition without parents. Although, I still blow at driving. I should probably wait a bit.