“Spring Break” 2011

I’m putting that in quotation marks because I no longer have a Spring Break because I have somehow turned into an adult. That said, I really needed to catch up with all the people I have been telling I would catch up with for years — and this is the perfect time to do it before I ship out on May 17th. Pretty much everything worked out time wise, so I decided to take off this past Wednesday and head into Austin for South by Southwest (or SXSW), which is basically a festival films, technology, art, music, and food. So, uh, pretty much everything I like in one place at one time!

Having a slightly inebriated converstaion with Angelo, the CEO of deviantART

So, Wednesday I headed to Austin for my first event, a Texas devMeet with a lot of the core staff (and friends!) from deviantART which was put on at the Spider House off Guadalupe. I met a lot of new folks because it drew such a crowd, which was nice, but it was also comforting to see the rest of the Texas devMeet guys from our annual meets. We’re pretty much family now. Lots and lots of history there. Interesting how bonds like that form.

I got to talk to Ryan, the creative/marketing guru for dA, and I think we talked way too long about demographics, but for us it was an enjoyable experience. And, of course, I got to see my former bosses, Heidi and Danie, who were pretty awesome. And finally, I had a few drunken rambling conversations with Angelo, the dA CEO and all around badass. During this entire time, I was working on getting completely plastered, at which I completely succeeded.

Finally, we headed to another venue to wrap up the night and I really can only say that I hope they expected me to be truly a memorable experience. I was all kinds of nuts that night for a lot of complicated reasons. In turn, if I ever get to meet them all again some day, I believe I will be “that guy”. Ha.

Thankfully, I survived the night and found a place to stay. I ended up getting some breakfast with Charlie, one of the elite SXSW photographers this year, and a Texas devMeet regular and had more random conversations about life. Good times.

Koreana, the world's best place to eat. This is not an exaggeration.

Following that, I headed into San Antonio to link up with Christian and see if he had been betting his life savings on the field. We hit up Koreana off Rittiman and had the best meal in the entire world. I forwarded this image to Dan and he instantly started crying. What a baby. After that, I linked up with KJ, Dylan, and Craig (and worked in a trip to Taco Taco with KJ the following morning before heading out). Then, we did Bays, like the classic Trinity experience where an entirely hammered Rob showed up. Of course, we managed to get to Crabby Jacks (and didn’t even get kicked out). I got to see Stephanie again, which was nice, even though she lost all of my elite CD collection.

After hanging out with Rob for a while that next day (until Ariel came in town!), I got a call from Brennan, the source of my exploits from last year’s spring break. I headed that way and met him in Austin for a SXSW feature about the future of technology in ten years. Unfortunately, the most memorable thing about it was an egg toss and a four dollar Bud Light, but after this, we were set and ready to party. Along the way, probably the funniest thing possible happened to us. But, as usual, it all went down at and around 6th Street (though there were noticeably less people than usual — I guess they were at the VIP parties).

When I woke up, I called up Scott who I went to Creekwood Middle School with in Kingwood, and ended up reuniting with in college freshman year as incoming Trinity freshmen. We ended up making margaritas and heading to meet other Kingwood friends like Matt and Aaron to swim at Barton Springs, a really beautiful natural spring with a nice park area. Then dinner at Garj Mahal, the best Indian place I’ve ever tried, and then back to the 21st St Coop, an interesting coop with a bar set up and lots of music and places to gather. We listened to some screaming music and drank, but the highlight was just getting to see all the guys again.

I wanted to make this post immediately after I got home, otherwise I would delay it and forget it like I usually do. I had a really, really great time. I think it was such an interesting Spring Break because I had four completely unique experiences: a devMeet, a Trinity-style night, a Sam/Brennan 6th Street rager (Sam was with us in spirit. 5 dollar liquor pitcher? Absolutely!), and a chill reunion with my best friends from my childhood. Seriously, what more could you ask for?

There was a possibility of staying another night, but I really had to get back because of work (and my body had become  a living alcohol sponge for days straight). Next week will be cut short too because then I’m heading to Houston to see Emily.

Spring Break, Round 2 — coming soon.

17 June 2008

Wow, okay, so this has been an update a long time coming. I have to say that it wouldn’t have happened without Fiona prompting me all the time. I guess true love is a good motivation, huh? It’s actually nice to have someone remind me to do this because I seem to forget. One time a month is likely to be the only time I update. That said, nothing really happens in my life that’s all that interesting.

But, this month has been full of the usual stuff that you’d expect from summer: working 80 hours or more a week. It’s fun being back, although I’m being gimped a bit in pay. I still have a lot of fun though, and the job isn’t that bad. I suppose I’d rather have that than the the telemarketing company that keeps sending me letters for two dollars more an hour. Even then, I get to take flexible breaks and leave when I want to.

What a pimp

I guess the theme of this post is Fiona. I’m glad to have her talking to me! She’s a sweetheart! ❤ If only she wasn’t in Scotland, but then she wouldn’t have the accent. Tradeoffs! I plan to visit one day though. Maybe reinact highlander (which was filmed in New Zealand).

I’ve actually managed to spend all the money I have. I spent a ton on a new laptop and a grill for my dad. He deserves it though. And, I mean, come on, who will turn down grilled food?

That’s about all that’s going on really. Nothing important, besides intense love for Fiona. Oh, and deviantART stuff, but I’ll talk about that when the time comes!

14 August 2006

I guess I should repeat that last post: ____ was a blur. July was, at least. To recap, I turned 18. I did fun things for my birthday like update my driver’s license and set up some bank accounts. Very fun. Otherwise, that’s a recap of July as far as I know.

But since this is August, I should get to the exciting August news. I met with Logen, which was nice. I got signed on to deviantART as creative staff (and we’ll see how that goes). I think I’ve probably got the best boss in the world… although, now I feel afraid to act like myself around the community. I finally got a new door, one that isn’t a folding one, installed in the place where the old one was violently broken from its hinge. Privacy for three solid days.

While installing the door, I sliced my finger up pretty nicely on a wood chisel. Basically, it’s a super sharp knife — it cuts through wood, it cuts through flesh even easier. So while I finally got it to stop bleeding, the bandaid had to stay on or else the bleeding would start anew. At this point, my finger looks disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. I don’t even want to explain how waterlogged, destroyed, and inflamed this thing is. Well, I guess I sort of just did. Regardless, it’s 7:38 AM and this thing hurts so bad I can’t sleep. Ouch.

In other news, college is three days away. How weird is that? I started this log in my freshman year, and here it is, time to leave. I’ll probably still continue this log to some extent, but its main purpose was to convey how much I absolutely hated high school. No wait, hate high school; that feeling of sickness will always be with me. My mom has taken off this entire week, and she’s starting to freak out. She picked up smoking again. Well, that’s just great. Hopefully she will stop soon. My dad keeps saying “X days left! You’ll be in college,” — and that pisses my mom off to no end. “Nailing the coffin shut!”

Maybe she’s right in a way. Nailing it shut. Guess I’ll need to bring a crowbar back with me for the summer.

21 August 2005

I figured that I might as well make an August entry for the journal that no one reads. Well, I’ve become a senior member on DeviantART, I’ve placed an ad in a national publication, and I have a 4.0 GPA in college. How cute.

My life is the same it was last year. It’s just another lonely Sunday. Just another lonely week. Nothing depressing about it because that’s just life. I lost a friend, but hey, like I didn’t see that one coming.

The car is still running well. Shela is sexy as usual. I have a parking space roughly ten feet away from the exit of the parking lot at school and about 20 feet away from my 4th period class. It’s all looking good.

29 March 2004

Hm hm. Today was extremely blah. Nothing bad happened, as usual, but nothing good happened either. I feel tired of… everything and for about three weeks during school time I’ve been reduced to coming home from school and taking naps. I really don’t like most of my friends… I don’t want them bothering me and bugging me.

I just want to talk to one of the six or so select people that I can sit down and talk to with instead of having to pretend and entertain. That’s not to say that I hate them, they just aren’t on my ‘level’ or something else a depressed kid would say. Makes me feel like a jerk when I say that, but it’s true. On a lighter note, Mike Fisk, the guy that I’ve talked to for years — the genius and true friend, he showed back up after his leave. Apparently, nothing is new with him, but I’m glad to just talk to him.

I have a splitting headache and I don’t remember first through seventh period. I’m not even sure what I ate for lunch or if I even ate. When I came home from school, a Cannuck from DA messaged me and I said I wasn’t in a talking mood really. “Just do what girls do when they have PMS, eat ice cream, chocolate, and watch some movies.” While she forgot “skin alive any male that moves”, I could use all three and ironically all three I don’t have handy. Not even a good movie. Bah, a movie needs two people or more — it always feels better then because you can dicuss it later. (Hey, I could even discuss “Good Guys Wear Black” — a shoddy Chuck Norris movie from the early 70’s complete with cheesy 70’s music to boot… which I own on DVD. Don’t ask me.)

A hilarious occurance last friday was great though. My speech and drama teacher selected me as her “best” student of the entire group she teaches. This was over here “theatre kids” who are in her plays. Weird. The conversation was brief but she… thanked me… for caring so much. That’s just it: I don’t care (at least about that). Loverly though. It really cracks a grin, the ironic “wow, you just missed the punchline of the inside joke” grin.

Man, why is it when you don’t want to talk to normal people and you’d rather talk to your close friends that they aren’t on? Instead, I’m reduced to talking to “KawaiiSonic” on MSN IM who is telling me about how she loves my art. I hate people. So … much. Well, this was a bit of a rant, I guess.

That’s it! Die KawaiiSonic; I’m going to lay on my bed and listen to music!

1 February 2004

Hrm. I decided to update this layout once more. I’ll make it a monthlyish thing.

Got to drive the Porsche today. I love that car. It’s so… mine. Shela. Mmm. Oh, and then I went to a local punkish band’s gig. They were pretty good musically, besides the singing. That could have been left out completely… well, from the low volume of the microphones, I only heard a bit of it. It wasn’t like a huge party and there wasn’t any alcohol, but I still had fun.

Work tommorrow. Like always. Homework tommorrow. Figures.

Met another deviant from DeviantART in ye ol’ Midland. She seems to be pretty cool. pintri was an intriguing Deviant name selection. Ok, now I will update some iframes and recode some javascripts and then call it a night. Nerdy? Yes. Profitable? Hell yes.

20 November 2003

There’s something different about today. So many people are changing around me. I wonder if I’ve changed. I don’t want to, I know how much change can effect friends. I’ve already lost too many because of change. Ali, I think that was a prime example. I’d rather keep changing though, to have one good moment in the future and bare the rest of the pain. But, I want to break this course.

Even on DeviantART, people are changing. I can just read old logs, old messages, old comments, and I can see how much they changed. I may have prompted them, but right now, if I read my own writing, it is the same. This is more like a novel every day, and I’m the static character.

It doesn’t matter what the change is, or how subtle, I always see it. Notice it. It takes about three years to reflect on it. Maybe Mike Fisk is the same, he’s seemed pretty static, but now he’s in love. Nukem, my friend from the days of warez, he’s getting married.

I can’t say that I like this change — people think it’s aging, and it’s not. It’s experiences. I don’t like today. There’s too much at one time, it’s radical in nature.

Tommorrow may be a new day, who knows? Not I. I’ll tell you if it is, if this was just a mistake. I want things to just be constant.

I hate people.
“Yeah, I don’t really like them either.”