14 June 2006

Well, I guess you could say I’m having one of those days. The kind of days that you wish would never happen, the kind you wish you could slam your head into a brick wall about.

One of those type of days.

I woke up today sick and so dizzy I could barely stand. I dragged myself to work at 8 AM and I worked straight until 5:30 PM, holding back potential stomach sickness along the way. Some guy nearly plowed into my car on the way home. I got pulled over by a cop for avoiding the guy who nearly hit me and speeding into the next lane. At least it wasn’t a ticket.

When I got home, I had a message saying my bank account was frozen temporarily. I called up my bank and asked why — apparently my checking account had went 170 something dollars into the red because of a hold on PayPal (which when I talked to the PayPal representative, they said that was an error on somebody’s part because the bank shouldn’t have been alerted; I’m on hold with my bank as we speak.) I have a few checks that will be bouncing if it’s not resolved, so again, I’m waiting patiently.

My PayPal account was also “frozen” until I pay 193 dollars for a chargeback coming from my PayPal account on something I shouldn’t be having to pay back. The PayPal rep said it takes about 75 to 100 days to resolve a dispute, so no PayPal for me. So, until Friday of next week when I can get a paycheck to cover my bank problem, I have my pocket change, a total of $20 in ones and a five. Still, I’m sure that I can get by. I just won’t eat lunch and I’ll borrow some money until then. Further, I hope I can just get it fixed in a few minutes and this was all just a big misunderstanding on the credit card company and my bank and hopefully the person who gave me the money in April without obligation.

Good news is that a person on eBay who I bought over 100 dollars of stuff from last night said it was okay if I paid him with a money order, meaning I can bypass PayPal and not get bad feedback. Other good news is that I got my DS Lite in ala my fancy new raise I got at work. And, I mean, I’ve graduated from school and I’ll be 18 in a short while. Lots to look forward to.

In conclusion, however, today has been a really bad day. And my bank’s waiting music ain’t making it too much better.


17 September 2005

Jeez. Repairing my car, doing AP classes — they just stole all the money from my summer. Nothing is new, really. I just want this school year to end. I’m sure when I’m gone and out, I’ll still just want things to end. I suppose it’s moderately depressing that I’d love to do nothing with my life, but it’s the only thing that makes me happy.

8 July 2005

This was our hotel. I got so drunk here I barely remember the entire trip.

Still, there’s nothing new. Cancun came and went and now it’s back to work. Soon back to school. This has been the loniest summer around, though. In total, I’ve seen one person that I consider a friend. Pretty pathetic, no?

I guess it seems pretty odd to me, although most summers are almost as bad. Hell, the highlight of my day was putting motor oil in my car. I still need to clean the squirrel blood off the wheels. I need to do a lot of things, as usual. Oh well, oh well.

14 April 2005

My favorite war movie/book

I suppose things are well. Though, I’m pretty distant from all the things going on in my life. Just kind of a drag dealing with them, so as usual, I ignore them.

I’m sort of waiting for something bad to happen. So far this year, nothing bad has really even occured. I’d think about relationships, but it’s not like I didn’t already know where they were all going. As they always do; doesn’t take a crystal ball to see that.

My “why bother” philosophy seems to be guiding my life. If I can get out of here, maybe things will be better for me. I suppose that’s a stupid thought to have, but it does force me to do well at school, if anything. It’s not that things are bad here, I just feel so bored. Looking at it, I’ve always been bored.

I’d love to be on the coast. That’s my ideal location, really.

All Quiet on the Western Front, one of my favourite books and movies came in. 1979 DVD, and the classic book from 1929. If only Hitler would have read this. He probably would have found beauty in all the wrong places, just like I did. Great book, really. If you read this, pick it up for 6.99 next time you’re in a bookstore. It’s worth it.

7 April 2005

You know that stupid little thing that girls say? “I wonder who will cry at my funeral?” Nobody will cry at my funeral, if I had it my way. Funerals are a waste people’s time. So great, I’m dead, so everybody interrupt their lives to get all teary about my life. What good does it do? What a waste! If I ever die, and somebody reads this, make sure my parents know that I don’t want a funeral. I just want to be in a pine box under the ground. It doesn’t matter — I’m dead.

So I have to go to the funeral of my great grandmother. Who I think I’ve seen once in my life. Grand. I’ve never met you, but you sure the hell make me go to your funeral. Makes perfect sense.

And, while I look damn good in dress clothes, I have other things to be doing. Tommorrow I swear, I’m smoking four packs of cigarettes and draining the liqour store. I hate funerals. Stupid little compensation for the living that actually just makes people cry more. Great, let’s make everybody more unhappy than they already are.

Pine box for me. Or burn me. Flesh is flesh.

2 March 2005

I really need to set my damn date on my watch. The whole day my papers have been from Feb. 30. Genius.

I have a nasty cough, but I suppose I’m getting better slowly. By the time you have read this, I will be dead.

Or at least my GPA will be. Will fail the chemistry test tommorrow, hands down. Awesome. I have come to the conclusion that if I was a thermochemist all of my life, I’d probably have to kill myself. I’m already contemplating now. Terrible amount of absolute “what-the-fuck” factor going on with this stuff. Definate fail. And, my grade already sucks in there. Oh well, it will balance the 99 from last six weeks because she lost all of my tests and wrote them in as a 100. Maybe she’ll mess up again. Doubt it.

And English. How do you fail English? Well, I’m trying to figure that out as well. I have a few 60’s. Hot. And Spanish. I guess I just don’t care about verbs enough. Geography is pretty good though. Mildly interesting class. If I do any of the map work she assigned.

I sort of … hate… how my life is school, work, and sleep. It’s just so boring to talk about with anybody besides myself and maybe the asian Bill, who loves school. So, I figure I may need to take a break during Spring Break and indulge in a few hobbies I used to practice.

Well, who am I kidding? I’ll probably just sleep a lot more and relax in bed. My break is sleep. God, I’m exciting.

On a closing note, I really hate being lied to so much. That girl better start realizing that she sucks at it because fucking me over isn’t just a one time thing, it’s a progressive part of a relationship of any magnitude.

God, friday please come swiftly.