9 May 2009

I missed them a lot.

Working at Coles is always a treat; I get told to do the same things well every night, and I do the same thing. It’s one of those “turn your brain off” type of jobs that feels satisfying only when you get a paycheck. I am working towards paying off the rest of my debt, and perhaps having somewhat of a social life. Frustratingly, I’ve been penned up in my room doing work, and I think my flatmate has gave me some sort of killer super cold. I feel so weak and tired. That said, I am also living off instant noodles, cereal, and some water. I have about two weeks of time before I complete my classes here, and then I have one final on June 15. Once I finish those three papers and projects, and the final, I will be around for another 14 days where I will work my ass off. I plan to put in as many hours as humanly possible to save for home.

I do miss home. I never really realized how much I love Texas, but this has been a good experience with another part of the world. I will eat so much of the food I miss; steaks, burgers, ribs. And, I will get to see the people I care about most in my life: my close friends, and my family.

I am hoping to still have a tan, but it’s starting to get ever so slightly colder now. Combined with my illness, work, and school, I feel like I may lose it even while it still is warm. What a shame!

25 December 2008

BBQ for Christmas, just like God intended

In a few hours, I will be getting to eat some delicious food. I know, I know, I am underscoring the true meaning of Christmas… the presents(cough)! But, I already bought my present so I’m waiting on the food. My mom is a masterpiece cook and so is my dad. Today will be a feast so great I had to share it with the world — a Texan-style feast with smoked brisket and other southern delights.

14 August 2006

I guess I should repeat that last post: ____ was a blur. July was, at least. To recap, I turned 18. I did fun things for my birthday like update my driver’s license and set up some bank accounts. Very fun. Otherwise, that’s a recap of July as far as I know.

But since this is August, I should get to the exciting August news. I met with Logen, which was nice. I got signed on to deviantART as creative staff (and we’ll see how that goes). I think I’ve probably got the best boss in the world… although, now I feel afraid to act like myself around the community. I finally got a new door, one that isn’t a folding one, installed in the place where the old one was violently broken from its hinge. Privacy for three solid days.

While installing the door, I sliced my finger up pretty nicely on a wood chisel. Basically, it’s a super sharp knife — it cuts through wood, it cuts through flesh even easier. So while I finally got it to stop bleeding, the bandaid had to stay on or else the bleeding would start anew. At this point, my finger looks disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. I don’t even want to explain how waterlogged, destroyed, and inflamed this thing is. Well, I guess I sort of just did. Regardless, it’s 7:38 AM and this thing hurts so bad I can’t sleep. Ouch.

In other news, college is three days away. How weird is that? I started this log in my freshman year, and here it is, time to leave. I’ll probably still continue this log to some extent, but its main purpose was to convey how much I absolutely hated high school. No wait, hate high school; that feeling of sickness will always be with me. My mom has taken off this entire week, and she’s starting to freak out. She picked up smoking again. Well, that’s just great. Hopefully she will stop soon. My dad keeps saying “X days left! You’ll be in college,” — and that pisses my mom off to no end. “Nailing the coffin shut!”

Maybe she’s right in a way. Nailing it shut. Guess I’ll need to bring a crowbar back with me for the summer.

5 July 2006

Lots of things go boom in this game

Wow. June was a blur. I meant to post things and keep an update on my life, but that obviously didn’t happen. This past week I was off of work and spent it relaxing, and playing Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter with my brother. Incredibly sweet game.

Really though, I can see why I haven’t posted. There is not much new. Same crappy situation at home; they’re trying to make me pick a side, I think. Whatever.

2 March 2006

Tommorrow I will go to San Antonio and check out Trinity. My parents are really excited for me; they’re really proud. I don’t know, this whole school thing wasn’t much of an accomplishment to me. Just trying to get through with it. However, they’ve become so annoying to me that I can’t stand them. Through their pride, or their worries, or whatever, they bug the crap out of me.

My dad just came in about an hour ago and said, “What’s wrong with you? You’re acting goofy!” He said this is the way that was meant to, I don’t know, piss me off. Yeah, sorry I don’t want to take photos of the campus where I’ll be spending the next four years of my life. It’s not like I won’t have time in the future too. Yeah, sorry if I haven’t packed because it takes so long to fold three shirts and a pair of pants. I told him that he was acting “goofy” to which he said something along the lines of “no, you are!” It was mildly entertaining, I guess — but it just made us both a little more pissed off about whatever it is he was criticizing me about. Still, he doesn’t really realize how he offends me.

I’m possibly acting goofy because I don’t know, I stayed up until 2 AM trying to do some worthless math review so I can take the test a day ahead of schedule because we had to leave on Friday. I’m possibly acting goofy because I just went to work and got home. I’m possibly acting goofy because maybe he’s making me.

Sometimes their caring is a little too strong. They do a lot for me, but they also make me go nuts. I really can’t wait until I get to do this college thing. You know, parents are separated from you and such. I just wish that I wouldn’t have to do laundry.

1 January 2005

Well, this new years was exciting. Should be… rather entertaining looking back on it. I will remember the start of 2005 when my brother was arrested for outstanding tickets in Austin. And how he was driving my car, and how it was sent to an impound lot. And how, at 4 AM, I went to get my car, paid 85 dollars, saw it covered in mud and grime, and drove it home.

At least they didn’t steal anything or break my car when towing it. I finally got to bed around 5:45 or so. Couldn’t really sleep. Still can’t.

But besides that, I will remember this new years mainly for spending time with somebody that I care about, somebody who I really enjoy. Pardon me as I go try to take a nap.