8 November 2004

Who woulda thunk it, one year and counting on this thing. Just about seven days to the first year of owning a Porsche (ironically, the thing won’t run right and I’ve dumped a ton of money into it. I swear the engine will drop to the ground while I’m driving one day).

Ah, it’s been a nice Thursday. Just a sleepy, boring Thursday. Friday I think I will just… not go to my classes. Who knows? Honours kids are so… out of it. They just don’t get it. Whatever “it” is, they don’t get it. “Who’s Tony Blair?” They need to sit back and just chill out; watch the world. Highschool is too much of a popularity contest. I’d rather sleep than anything.

Brother is in the hospital, but I hear he’s going to be out by tommorrow. Good news. Don’t think he’ll be eating much for the next few days.

I think I like my English teacher. We still do the lame character analysis and such, but she understands that I don’t care about my grade and I do what I do because that’s what I do. She also hears my complaint about conversational English as opposed to text book English that they teach. Maybe I can get out of having to get rid of my helping verbs. They’re helping verbs for a reason, after all: they help.

Smooth week. I don’t remember it. Tons of projects and stuff, but I don’t think I’ll do it. I want to come into class late. Pretty late too, no wimpy late.
“Why were you 15 minutes late?”
“You’ll never believe this, but me, from the future, came back to the past, which is my present, and I asked myself if I wanted to go back more into the past to hang out with Charlemagne and go Alaskan deer hunting. So, I had to accept, yanno, since Charlemagne is royalty. And when we got done, and it was a blast, lettme tell you, I sent me back to the present, but I was a few minutes late. It’s really pretty accurate, I’m sure you can cut the guy some slack.”

I don’t know about you, but I think that would be the best reason ever. That reason almost sounds like something I would say when higher than a kite, I’d reckon. Austin Franks was by far the coolest friend I think I ever had. I miss him.

10 March 2004

Ava in 2004. I love her dearly.

We got a new puppy with us…

The thing isn’t house trained but she’s adorable. About 1 year old — nice Chihuahua. Got her from my older brother, Steve. He had a job where he couldn’t be around a lot to give her the attention that she needed.

29 February 2004

Have you ever caught yourself doing something “religiously.” As common integration, it’s just another word for “in habit”; But, it does have a religious background. So, what if you don’t go to a church and you’re not religious?

Another lonely Sunday. I’m relaxed. Not sure why, I failed two tests without a reason and I’ve got several hours of homework ahead. I don’t think I will even open my math book or start on my English project or mess with my speech presentation or read my biology chapters and do the vocabulary or start on my theatre report or study for my Spanish test. Ah, I’m such a great underachiver that’s secretly an overachiver that’s just waiting for a reason to show it.

At about 75 MPH, the 45 MPH wind and the wet, crappy, cold outside feel even more cold and crappy. I have to say, I didn’t focus too much on that; this motorcycle rocks the cazlash. I don’t even know what the hell the “cazlash” is. Casba relative, maybe?

Sitting in the dark, alone and bored has never felt any greater — until I realize that I was an idiot who should have done his homework. I always manage though. Spring break is next week right? Going to San Antonio and visiting my brother. That was two separate things; he doesn’t live there. He called yesterday, I think, and explained that he is now the manager of a restraunt in the new Austin country club. Congrats to him, I’m sure he’s pretty happy.

You know there’s only one thing that really makes sitting alone in a dark room for hours at a time in front of this monitor actually barable. Do you know what it is?