Two Years Later

We bought a house!

I’m not actually dead, so I suppose I need to update this finally. After two years of disappearing, it’s probably about time to update this. From my last post, a lot has finally changed, and for the better. In March 2017, I went on terminal leave from the Navy and moved from Hawaii to Idaho to work as a government contractor for the Department of Energy. My wife, Carissa, also ended up getting a contractor job for the DoE. I actually like the amount of freedom I have now, even though a lot of the government, uh, intricacies, are still present from the Navy. That said, I normally have three day weekends every other weekend and Carissa has three day weekends every weekend. That alone makes this job amazing to me.

Visiting beautiful Yellowstone

Thanks to the VA Loan program, I was able to buy our first home, a too large for us house on the edge of the suburbs with a view of the mountains right outside my door. Our dogs, Molly and Jameson, are still doing well and enjoying the large backyard. Since moving here, we’ve been on a vacation to Savannah, GA and up to Yellowstone, but we’re looking forward to hiking, camping, and cabining much more this summer. The winters in Idaho are long, windy, and colder than anything I’m used to, but Spring is nearly here (I hope…). I sold my 2013 Camaro and bought a 2016 F-150 to better fit in Idaho and to help haul any future campers or toys we may buy. It’s also a lot more practical in the snow, that’s for sure. Currently, we’re finishing our outside patio/deck area so we have somewhere nice to sit outside on warmer days, until we get a hot tub for colder ones.

Jameson perches to get a better spot to defend the home

This last December, I passed my CFA, Chartered Financial Analyst, Level 1 exam. In the Navy, I found myself saving some money, but not really putting it to use or understanding why or how to do things with it. I decided, based off of my former shipmate Downing’s advice, to pursue financial literacy and now I spend a lot of my time researching markets, plotting the future in spreadsheets, and helping those around me develop financial plans. Man, that sounds really boring, but I guess I’m getting older and more boring as times go on. That’s probably why I don’t update this much. However, now that I’m out of the Navy, I’ll probably tell a few of my favorite Navy stories that I didn’t want to risk telling while I was in. Nothing classified, of course, I just didn’t want to get my ass chewed out for making fun of a Chief who took things too seriously or something.

The winters here are… cold

I’d like to say that I have some other exciting details, but most of what we wanted after the Navy is a calm, stable life. And I think we finally have that. A boring life, but one that we could enjoy time together in, one with lots of dogs, good food, and, of course, stories, because I always seem to have a few.