11 March 2006

I was wowed by the red brick buildings, I guess

This spring break has went by pretty quickly. Trinity was great, first off. I love it. I’m going there. End of story. I may hate it later, but I hope not.

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on Skype. I’m picking up on some Arabic, which is neat. I always like to learn about different cultures.

Otherwise, I met Kathy, a very interesting person from the Orient. I hope to learn more about her and her life. It makes Midland, Texas seem like a boring place when it’s put into perspective.

13 October 2005

Oh, I get it -- the streets ARE the drainage systems.

They really need to add drainage systems to Midland. It’s a tad annoying being unable to drive to work or school because the water stalls my car out.

I can’t wait for tomorrow so I can have a quiet weekend alone. Although every weekend is generally spent quietly and alone, I’m especially waiting for it this weekend. Which makes me believe that I’m really not a people person at all. They bug me, even the ones I like, I usually get sick of with only a few exceptions.

And we put Bailey to sleep on the 6th. Apparently, she had a brain tumor the size of a grapefruit or some other moderately large fruit. I miss her, just because she was a part of my life.

6 November 2004

The moral of the story is… For all logical reasons, I have been turned down. Again. You know, girls suck. Really bad. And all the time. But hey, there’s always a chance right? Well, more or less, no, there isn’t. But if there is…

I think it’s because I really liked this one: something unique. But eh, I’ll deal with it. I think I’ve lost my ways of winning battles. I was too … slow… to even do anything. Although, beating said friend into a bloody mess, that would be fun. “Dude, I was here first.” “Yea, I heard you like her.” “Yea, I do.” “Hey, what can I say man, it’s in my profile.” “You fucker.”

But, I spiked my hair really well today. And that made me happy. Back to ignoring people. God, I hate people. More specifically, I hate Midland people.

This weekend, I sleep. And I’ll watch Forrest Gump and laugh. Ah, good ol’ days.

30 May 2004

So I’m all out of school and such like that! It’s crazy hearing about all my friends graduating, and I’m just going to be a Sophmore. Hell, I’ve been with computers since I was roughly 9 or 10. Since that time, I’ve seen my online buddies graduate, complain about college professors, and even get married. It’s really funny seeing all of my friends growing up literally in front of my monitor (yes, how lame). Today we have our official senior graduating in Midland — I really wish them luck with life, the choices that they make, and that metaphorical “road” they follow. (Seriously, listen to any speech and they bust out the “road” on you.)

Being just a little kid, I keep feeling loss every year because the friends that I knew always leave to become somebody else. In college, I think there’s one of the biggest changes in a person’s life, and I know it must be hard for them. When they change, I’ll admit, it’s usually for the better; I guess they just grow up. Needless to say, I still keep in contact with them, but they just seem like tottally different people — so much more mature and intelligent. I really do admire that.

So, I’ll say it again: I wish everyone that is graduating from their senior class a great future full of possibilities and “the stuff dreams are made of”. You made it guys, now you just have to make it another four to eight years in college or choose a different “road”. It’s all up to you now. I wish you luck, as you’ll all need it.

1 February 2004

Hrm. I decided to update this layout once more. I’ll make it a monthlyish thing.

Got to drive the Porsche today. I love that car. It’s so… mine. Shela. Mmm. Oh, and then I went to a local punkish band’s gig. They were pretty good musically, besides the singing. That could have been left out completely… well, from the low volume of the microphones, I only heard a bit of it. It wasn’t like a huge party and there wasn’t any alcohol, but I still had fun.

Work tommorrow. Like always. Homework tommorrow. Figures.

Met another deviant from DeviantART in ye ol’ Midland. She seems to be pretty cool. pintri was an intriguing Deviant name selection. Ok, now I will update some iframes and recode some javascripts and then call it a night. Nerdy? Yes. Profitable? Hell yes.