27 April 2009

So, I started my crappy job at Coles, a local supermarket. It’s 21 dollars an hour, which is completely legit. I don’t mind it, but the job is a bit stressful in terms of learning all of the weird Aussie products. I have off today, though, because of ANZAC day, which is similar to our memorial day. I’ve done literally nothing today — just watched a lot of movies.

Nothing in particular is new; I’m out of money and just coasting. Surviving on goon and credit card, but I should be fine by the time I get done. I don’t have a lot to say, but I thought I should update it a bit.

17 December 2008

It's pretty massive for a dorm room

I had been meaning to update this. I’ve been home for almost a week, which is pretty legit. I’ve done nothing so far, which is also pretty legit. I’ve signed up for Netflix so I basically lay in bed watching movies all day for free on my huge TV. I can’t ask for a ton more, actually.

It’s surprising that I’ll be out of the country soon. I’m glad to be done with school for this semester. Between the horrible deli gig, my weird love life, and my shitty grades, it will be nice to move past that. Too bad this semester will kick my GPA’s ass. How awesome. I managed to do minimal work for most of the semester, but I actually did put in work to these upper level communication classes. But they all give B’s at best and C’s at worst. And I’ve been getting a lot of that worst stuff. I even withdrew from a class.

Is this what college is all about? Hating it? Learning nothing? Memorizing? I certainly hope not, but then again it keeps seeming this way more and more. When was it supposed to change? I should have went to a state school and coasted by.

Whatever, I hope that Australia is extremely awesome and it makes up for this bland semester. Tomorrow I may get to see someone I’ve missed. I want to take portraits.

17 June 2008

Wow, okay, so this has been an update a long time coming. I have to say that it wouldn’t have happened without Fiona prompting me all the time. I guess true love is a good motivation, huh? It’s actually nice to have someone remind me to do this because I seem to forget. One time a month is likely to be the only time I update. That said, nothing really happens in my life that’s all that interesting.

But, this month has been full of the usual stuff that you’d expect from summer: working 80 hours or more a week. It’s fun being back, although I’m being gimped a bit in pay. I still have a lot of fun though, and the job isn’t that bad. I suppose I’d rather have that than the the telemarketing company that keeps sending me letters for two dollars more an hour. Even then, I get to take flexible breaks and leave when I want to.

What a pimp

I guess the theme of this post is Fiona. I’m glad to have her talking to me! She’s a sweetheart! ❤ If only she wasn’t in Scotland, but then she wouldn’t have the accent. Tradeoffs! I plan to visit one day though. Maybe reinact highlander (which was filmed in New Zealand).

I’ve actually managed to spend all the money I have. I spent a ton on a new laptop and a grill for my dad. He deserves it though. And, I mean, come on, who will turn down grilled food?

That’s about all that’s going on really. Nothing important, besides intense love for Fiona. Oh, and deviantART stuff, but I’ll talk about that when the time comes!

4 March 2007

It’s 4:20 in the morning and I’m still up, like usual. Tomorrow I have to study for my art history midterm, and I’m fearing that. So it’s art history Monday, paper revision on Tuesday for Wednesday, Thursday is ethics and forensics. Sort of a packed schedule really. I’m not looking forward to it at all. Otherwise life is good and I finally did some partying, albeit mild. I think beer has finally taken a toll on me, but I really don’t mind it. I just wish I didn’t drink and instead did other things, but whatever.


A lot of the guys on my hall talk in the Borat voice now, but I definitely do it most often. I’m really good at it, but it’s driving me nuts. I’ve been trying to stop for a while now, but it’s just so appropriate sometimes. Also frustrating, I keep gaining weight. I hardly eating but I’m somehow gaining weight. The food here is pretty terrible.

I can’t wait for Spring Break — it’s only a week away at this point. I’m skipping my Friday class for sure. I’ll just have to figure out how I can miss out on the fun for Friday since I have an assignment due. Whatever. Thursday night will be an amazing party, I’m sure of it.

14 April 2005

My favorite war movie/book

I suppose things are well. Though, I’m pretty distant from all the things going on in my life. Just kind of a drag dealing with them, so as usual, I ignore them.

I’m sort of waiting for something bad to happen. So far this year, nothing bad has really even occured. I’d think about relationships, but it’s not like I didn’t already know where they were all going. As they always do; doesn’t take a crystal ball to see that.

My “why bother” philosophy seems to be guiding my life. If I can get out of here, maybe things will be better for me. I suppose that’s a stupid thought to have, but it does force me to do well at school, if anything. It’s not that things are bad here, I just feel so bored. Looking at it, I’ve always been bored.

I’d love to be on the coast. That’s my ideal location, really.

All Quiet on the Western Front, one of my favourite books and movies came in. 1979 DVD, and the classic book from 1929. If only Hitler would have read this. He probably would have found beauty in all the wrong places, just like I did. Great book, really. If you read this, pick it up for 6.99 next time you’re in a bookstore. It’s worth it.