16 April 2004

New sound drivers. I’m in love. So clear, so clear. Now all I need is a set of $400 DTS-certified speakers. The new drivers can enhance clarity of the music a lot more than previous drivers… in a sense that I keep looking around because I keep hearing things.

It’s hot in my room… my parent’s way of cutting back costs. I have $330 dollars sitting in my wallet. Suppose I’ll upgrade my PC and owe cash for a year on it.

I should have went to LAN, I’m entirely too lonely sitting in my room messing with sound drivers.

No, I’m better than that. No more sound drivers… I’ll do something meaningful. Like video tweaking. God, I have no fucking life. None at all. I need to get some friends, collect a group of them, make them respect me, etc. But, I’d rather just have real friends. Still, I like having a social life.

14 March 2004

This game is pretty awful

I am busy at the moment playing Battlefield Vietnam. That is by far one of the coolest games that I have ever played. It comes out in stores some time soon. If you guys want, I’ll set up a server and you can play me when you get it. Mmm, that game rocks. I was mowing down fields of vietnamese. I was lucky enough to log into a server that had lots of people and didn’t cd key check… somehow. Tried it again later and I was denied. Stupid warez. This game is awesome though. I’m gonna buy it as soon as I can… I haven’t bought a game since… 1998 or 1999…

8 February 2004

This was a weird weekend. The same lonely Sunday, but an odd Friday and Saturday. Ever have one of those things where you just can’t place why it’s different, it just is? Well, I suppose you’re not going to answer, as this is a web log with these fake questions. Interesting, nonetheless.

Yes, it's actually pretty nerdy.

I’m not a huge Dungeons and Dragons type of fellow, but this game, Neverwinter Nights, has to be possiblely the coolest time-taking and fun game I’ve played in a long time. My +3 Greatsword can cut Ogres into bits within seconds. Okay, so I admit, it’s sort of nerdy. I get to cut up stuff and steal things, what’s not to like?

I need to get some breakfast. I came back from work… and my hands feel dirty… even when I wash them; it’s a type of feeling that stops you wanting food.

•3:08PM• <lemontea> somebody
•3:08PM• <lemontea> say something
•3:08PM• <lemontea> funny for my web log
•3:08PM• <JMulder> ahaha
•3:08PM• <JMulder> OMG .. my ass is on fire!
•3:08PM• <lemontea> You suck at this game.
•3:08PM• <fleetworks> Lemontea should take his own advice and WTF DIE
•3:08PM• <JMulder> I knew I shouldn’t try to wax my butt hair with a burning candle!
•3:08PM• <lemontea> WTF DIE URE FACE LMAO BBQ
•3:08PM• <JMulder> Was that funny enough?
•3:08PM• <fleetworks> OMG U SUCK KTHNXBAI
•3:09PM• <lemontea> uh
•3:09PM• <lemontea> sure dude
•3:09PM• <Rabbit> that might have been funny, JMulder, but it wasn’t. I’ve seen funnier things than that in the ghetto. Like babies selling crack while pimping.
•3:09PM• <lemontea> that was hysterical
•3:09PM• <Rabbit> Now, that, that is funny.
•3:09PM• <lemontea> 😐
•3:09PM• <lemontea> you guys suck at being funny
•3:09PM• <Rabbit> A little black baby whipping crack out of his diaper?
•3:09PM• <Rabbit> lemontea: We could always make walmart jokes.
•3:09PM• <JMulder> Rabbit: well excuse me for not being able to be instantly funny 😐
•3:09PM• <Rabbit> Those are funny.
•3:09PM• <fleetworks> I’m funny. Looking that is.
•3:09PM• <lemontea> I agree

I need to laugh.

1 February 2004

Hrm. I decided to update this layout once more. I’ll make it a monthlyish thing.

Got to drive the Porsche today. I love that car. It’s so… mine. Shela. Mmm. Oh, and then I went to a local punkish band’s gig. They were pretty good musically, besides the singing. That could have been left out completely… well, from the low volume of the microphones, I only heard a bit of it. It wasn’t like a huge party and there wasn’t any alcohol, but I still had fun.

Work tommorrow. Like always. Homework tommorrow. Figures.

Met another deviant from DeviantART in ye ol’ Midland. She seems to be pretty cool. pintri was an intriguing Deviant name selection. Ok, now I will update some iframes and recode some javascripts and then call it a night. Nerdy? Yes. Profitable? Hell yes.

11 January 2004

•8:35PM• <The`Artful`Dodger> So what you doin?
•8:35PM• <TiN_MaN> the server is very very slow
•8:35PM• <The`Artful`Dodger> Just chillin at the holiday innn
•8:36PM• <TiN_MaN> at university?? a businnes IT degree
•8:36PM• <lemontea> im chilling in a dark room alone typing to people on irc pretending i have a life
•8:36PM• <TiN_MaN> i have no shirt on cos its 30 degrees celcius
•8:36PM• <The`Artful`Dodger> lemontea, I’m downloading Chingy and typed on my blog about ohw i have no lfie
•8:36PM• <The`Artful`Dodger> gg
•8:36PM• <The`Artful`Dodger> :p
•8:36PM• <TiN_MaN> im waiting for today to be over so i can go and see my life 😀
•8:36PM• <The`Artful`Dodger> in a dark room!
•8:36PM• <The`Artful`Dodger> drinking five alive!
•8:36PM• <The`Artful`Dodger> TiN_MaN, as am I.
•8:37PM• * jark sets mode: +l 104
•8:37PM• <lemontea> oh cool, i think i should add a few ‘im lame’ points and type on my blog too
•8:37PM• <TiN_MaN> i think i may have clicked the “go very very slow” button in my IE options…
•8:37PM• <The`Artful`Dodger> Anyone who remotely matters too me, I don’t see on the weekend 😐
•8:37PM• <TiN_MaN> i vacumed my car out…
•8:37PM• <lemontea> hey cool, me too
•8:37PM• <TiN_MaN> thats how bored i am
•8:37PM• <The`Artful`Dodger> oh, I also did a trendwhore quiz.
•8:37PM• <The`Artful`Dodger> http://theartfuldodger.modblog.com/
•8:37PM• <lemontea> man, i think we all have no lives 😀
•8:37PM• <The`Artful`Dodger> TiN_MaN, I cleaned my bedroom 😐

It’s the truth, I’m without a life these days. Sitting alone in a dark room chatting to other people alone in dark rooms. It’s a model for society.

I think I’ve got the flu. I was reading another person’s ‘blog’ and they were ranting about how ‘life is confusing’ and how she was ‘lost trying to find herself’. People are so busy trying to find theirselves, the almost forgot that they were never lost to begin with. Maybe those trying to ‘find theirselves’ should just check the local lost and found?

07 January 2004

I guess I just don’t have anything to talk about. Nothing new has happened and no life changing events have been altering the very fabric of life or anything. I suppose no news is good news sometimes. Oh well, can’t do much about being boring these days. Lately, it’s “these days” like I used to be somebody else, but I’ve never been more myself than right now. It’s odd, but eh, what can I say?

Talked to this college professor about a square root calculator I made. Think I impressed him:
[20:00] Hazark: Hey!
[20:00] SyndicateElite: sup man
[20:00] SyndicateElite: ive got nothing going on — you teach math at a college right?
[20:00] Hazark: not much here, but a busy day with the wife
[20:00] Hazark: yea, ohio state.
[20:01] Hazark: why do you ask?
[20:01] SyndicateElite: i made this kickass math script
[20:01] SyndicateElite: http://siftw.pinnacle-elite.com/rtcalc.html
[20:01] Hazark: 404
[20:01] SyndicateElite: oh yea wrong host. http://sfunit.com/lemontea/rtcalc.html
[20:01] Hazark: hold on. ill check in a second
[20:02] SyndicateElite: its a radical problem simplifier i made with java because i cant do my own math
[20:02] SyndicateElite: the last two directions arent clear. its total outside the radical and then total inside
[20:02] Hazark: whoa. nice man, real nice. howd you learn to make this?
[20:02] SyndicateElite: skill and practice?
[20:02] Hazark: that’s so cool, i tried to make one for about three months but it just fed back errors
[20:02] Hazark: then i gave up and made a point to ask the computer dep
[20:02] SyndicateElite: oh they make you one then?
[20:02] Hazark: nope not yet
[20:02] Hazark: so what college do you go to again
[20:02] SyndicateElite: haha thats a long story
[20:02] SyndicateElite: im sorta before college
[20:02] SyndicateElite: justa freshman in highschool
[20:03] SyndicateElite: yep im a dork
[20:03] SyndicateElite: but i have time on my hands these days
[20:03] SyndicateElite: thats what you get for not making friends eh?
[20:03] Hazark: holy shit! a 9th grader?
[20:03] Hazark: there’s no way
[20:03] SyndicateElite: hah, glad you liked then 😀
[20:03] Hazark: remind me to inform the IT’s about you
[20:03] SyndicateElite: lmao
[20:03] SyndicateElite: I’m not THAT good
[20:03] Hazark: you code like a professional
[20:03] SyndicateElite: but its a huge hassle
[20:04] Hazark: well worth it
[20:04] Hazark: wish i could code like you
[20:04] SyndicateElite: dude, a kid just owned you
[20:05] Hazark: shut up jerk, I’ve only had two years experience

I’ve only had a bit less than two. I don’t feel right about bragging about being a nerd, unless other nerds are around to make me their king. If not, talking to the logey, it’s a stupid venture. No, it’s insanity, and it’s not politically correct to say that. Makes me cry. Actually, I could care less about who I am and what I do.

If you already know who you are and what you’re doing, why should anything ever bother you? I just flow at a steady pace these days.

Tests tommorrow, failed a math test already. So far the semester is looking bleak, but eh, so did every other situation in my life at some point in time.

23 December 2003

Not much going on today. Back from my trip to Dallas — I’d rather not elaborate for the sake of your stomach. I’ll leave it at “indoor snow” so-to-speak. I’m just wasting time today. Downloading music, surfing DeviantART, and updating Windows from some new security threat. Haven’t got a virus in four years. I’ve only had one total in my career and I never use virus protection. It’s just experience that keeps my computer clean. I could have swore the clanking hard drive I have would be dead by today, but it’s still running great. Only clanks once every 22 hours or so. I should just throw it out, but I’m too lazy to switch to my other parition.

I feel like doing something with friends today. Problem: Nobody is home. Well, I only have two friends I would do anything with in the first place, so that limits my selection. I suppose that could be a problem. Speaking of problems, I just noticed I’m only getting 2.0 sound instead of 7.2 — I knew those drivers would mess something up. Glad I kept the AC97 drivers handy from a few years ago. Running a computer is a lot like owning a classic car in the fact they they always need constant care.

Maybe I should go out and brush off Shela, er, the Porsche; stupid dust storms. Of course, I do live in the desert, I should have expected it.

I’m bored… but at least it isn’t school. Then it’s even more boring. Somebody call me and ask me to do something! Anything! Oh well, I’ll just fix the computer and tweak the registry or something else nerdy like that.