Paying with Pennies

A bunch of coins. Yeah, I wasn't very creative with this caption.

I was a real asshole in high school. I think this was probably because I didn’t have a ton of friends and I didn’t fit in entirely well. It wasn’t that I wasn’t liked, but rather I just had a distinctive sense of humor and I really thought my accomplishments in life up to that point set me apart from everyone else in high school. In retrospect, they did, and my humor was well appreciated by those who could understand it, such as the crowd in college. I know that’s kind of arrogant and insulting to the people that went to Lee High School from 2003-2006, and yeah, well, it is. If you’re reading this now and thinking that I’m wrong, maybe I’m still just an asshole.

Regardless, the state of me being an asshole isn’t the point of this post, but rather I wanted to tell a story about what Mikey and I did sometime during one of our high school lunch breaks. I think that hanging out with Mikey, someone who felt just like I did — a very cynical, sarcastic guy, in other words — really made us feed off each other to do stupid things that stupid kids are likely to do. One such great idea was paying for lunch with of a fistful of coins. I’m not sure who came up with this genius idea, but I’m glad we did because I look back on it and still laugh, even though I know it makes me a bad person for doing so. But, this was probably nearing on eight years ago (wait, am I really getting that old? Damn!) so I feel like I’m justified in saying I’m not the same person anymore, and neither is Mikey. We’re still cynical, sarcastic jerks, but in a more endearing way, I assume.

This place is pretty good. But I don't get how it is so expensive.

So, what we ended up doing was going to the bank and getting a couple rolls of nickles and pennies and then mixing them up in a big plastic bag, and then heading to Sonic, America’s  Drive-In (apparently), and ordering a few things to eat.

When the girl came out to hand us our food, we quickly took it and we both were already trying our best to stop the laughs from just knowing what we were about to do. Then, I pulled out the bag of coins, scooped up a huge handful of them and then poured it in her hands. The girl didn’t know how to react to this and just stood there trying to cup the overflowing mountain of coins while they showered down to the pavement making so much noise that everyone at the drive-in was probably staring directly at her. When this finished, I managed to stammer out one sentence while Mikey was looking the other way and crying laughing:

“You might want to count that.”

So, the poor girl sat there, collected all the spilled coins, and then counted it all out for somewhere around five minutes. After all this, she finally had the right amount of change to give back to us. Then I told her:

“Oh, you can keep the change.”

I Googled "Heaven" and I got this back. If Heaven looks like a Lisa Frank binder, maybe I don't want in.

I’m thinking right there, at that moment, God was looking down from Heaven with a big red Sharpie and crossed my name off the guest list. (He’s probably looking at me now to see if this is an apology but I’m still laughing while I write it, so I guess I’m just screwed on this one. Sorry God!) I feel sorry for this girl, and I instantly did as I said this, but I couldn’t stop from laughing. The ridiculousness of the whole situation was incomprehensible and Mikey hadn’t stopped laughing the entire time, his face buried in his clothes as he tried to stifle the laughter.

I think what this whole situation proved is that this girl was just a bystander that we dragged down, and yet, somehow, she was able to remain calm and actually not flip out on us. I’m sorry, but Sonic does not pay enough for me, if I was in that situation, to hold back. I would have thrown the coins back in my face and tried to kill me. So I guess the whole point of this story is that, one, it’s awesome and hilarious, two, it’s sad and depressing, and three, it proves that this girl was incredible.

13 January 2010

Well, it’s the new year. I’m back at Trinity starting my last semester up. That feels really, really awkward. I’m, at this point, supposed to get a job I guess. Oh well, hope I can. I think I’d make a good worker wherever I end up at; I just hope I end up somewhere that I would find fun. Of course, what I find fun is different than most people. I want to try to avoid the spec work rat race of design. It’s too unpredictable and that scares me when I want to have a future. That said, I’m confident that no matter what I do will pan out.

It was pretty good.

I’ve started working out again for the first time in a long time. I’m pretty sure I destroyed my left arm completely and my right arm is spasming I write this, making it difficult to focus (let alone hit the keys). This kick probably won’t go anywhere, but it does make me feel better about myself when I choose to eat at my two favorite places, Jack in the Box and Chilis. I’m such an American. Oh well.

I’ve been cooking a lot more too, which has been fun. Tonight I made delicious chicken, and earlier I made a steak. When I actually have the time, it’s worth it. Unfortunately, just as last time, when the semester gets going I will become tired and worn down, and all I want to do is eat some nasty fast food crap and go to bed after a couple of beers.

Speaking of beers, I’ve decided to hold off on them. I’m not fat per se, but it’s obvious I’ve been starting a beer belly. I don’t want to end up like some of the people I know that have the one that rolls over the belt. Not my thing. So hurray, I’ve stopped drinking! Well, actually not. I’m just going to switch to vodka and mix it with cranberry and V8. From the amount of beer I drink vs the amount of vodka I would drink, I might even save money. Still, it will feel weird if I don’t drink beer while watching the Cowboys.

Me and my brother, Steven, at the game. We shut out the Eagles.

And now that I mention the Cowboys, over the new years break I was able to go see the Cowboys shut out the Eagles. It was amazing, if only because of the stadium. It’s impossible to describe, but must be one of the new wonders of the world. Really incredible. And, this COULD be the year for the Cowboys to go to the superbowl. I’m saying this now but there’s still two very tough games ahead. But I support my ‘boys.

I think that’s about it. I’m not sure what else I’ll be doing this semester, but I know I’ll be on the radio hosting and if I can, I’ll go back to the TV station. We’ll have to see!

13 November 2009

Alright, so, as usual, I’ve been neglecting this. A lot of this comes from the fact that I’ve been so busy with school and just getting through life that I’ve been too busy, but also because I’m just forgetful.

Not too much is new anyway. I’m working like a dog, especially this weekend, to get through a big set of obstacles that in the long run of things are more like a hill before the looming threat of finals. Great!

Eventually I bought one.

It’s surprising to me that it’s November, especially being that it’s about 80 degrees outside. Huh? I’m all for the mild winters, don’t get me wrong. I hope it stays hot and sunny forever, and then I can skip over that whole cold thing. It is weird though.

I’m in the process of freaking out about what I’m doing after I graduate. It’s a hard thing to think about, especially since I have no idea. I know my professors and contacts will help me out, so I’m not completely worried, but the future is definitely a looming uncertainty, at least at this point. It’s also hard to transition from the mentality of a college student to a professional. I don’t even own a suit, and my lfiestyle is not very professional at all. I’m not sure who I’ll end up or how I’ll be. It’s probably not much of a worry though. Looking back, big changes always seem to go well enough for me.

I'm so cool I took a picture of how cool I am

On top of all this worry, I have Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Alright, alright, I know it’s a game but the thing is absorbing my soul. I just can’t stop playing it. It’s fun and highly addictive. This is certainly the best video game ever made; it’s hard for me to put it down. The problem is that I’m so busy I end up partitioning my time favoring the video game.

I think things will change once I care about my job and have fun doing things. And get paid. It’s a completely different mentality than school is. I’m so burnt out on it, I just want to get done and move on to the next big adventure.

26 September 2009

My humble abode

I’m back! Actually, I never left or intended to abandon this web log, but the end of Australia and the start of summer followed by moving into my own place and going to school has left me pretty distracted. All of my courses are intense and I’m stuck working on papers and projects pretty much all throughout the week, even the weekend.

Not much else in my life is particularly new or interesting, however. I have my eyes on a girl, not that I have time for a relationship, so we’ll see if anything happens. I’ve been messing around a little with a few girls but most of them are freaks I want to avoid at all costs. Oh well. Been hitting the bars (Bays and Limelight) here and there, and I’ve appreciated not paying for booze at frat parties again.

In other news, that’s about it. I managed to hit a deer with my car, which was scary, but the damage is all fixed now. I pretty much just get up and go to school and come home. Exciting stuff right there.

12 April 2009

Finally, I make a real post. It doesn’t seem like that long since I last got on this, and I could have sworn I updated after I got here, but apparently not. I can talk a little more now about the differences between home and here, although many of the differences now feel obvious. Driving on the wrong side of the road actually is feeling more right. Although I am a Texan, my fears of traveling to Australia were pretty much pointless. Everyone here is extremely nice and Americans, while they get a bad rep as a group, as individuals are treated very well. Aussies can’t even tell my accent — I am often asked if I’m from Canada, which is apparently the favorite foreigner for Oz. Don’t ask me!

Hanging out at the extremely classy Newport "hotel". I wouldn't want to stay here.

The yankees from my group turned out to be a really great selection of people for the most part. The guys from Pittsburg are awesome, and they know how to party. I haven’t really stuck with them as part of my crew for the most part, but we’re all on friendly terms still. Cairns was a fun experience in general, and it gave me a taste of Australia. I managed to get kicked out of the bar on the first night so a success in general. But, that whole experience seems like ages ago at this point. We were all different people, slightly.

These days I pretty much hang out by the pool and do some clubbing at night. Monday Norfolk, Tuesday Kardy, Wednesday Newport, Thursday Claremont, Friday Northbridge, Saturday Metros Freo, Sunday Sess at the Cot. Pretty solid party schedule. Occasionally I mix it up, but I’m pretty set on my favorite places.

17 December 2008

It's pretty massive for a dorm room

I had been meaning to update this. I’ve been home for almost a week, which is pretty legit. I’ve done nothing so far, which is also pretty legit. I’ve signed up for Netflix so I basically lay in bed watching movies all day for free on my huge TV. I can’t ask for a ton more, actually.

It’s surprising that I’ll be out of the country soon. I’m glad to be done with school for this semester. Between the horrible deli gig, my weird love life, and my shitty grades, it will be nice to move past that. Too bad this semester will kick my GPA’s ass. How awesome. I managed to do minimal work for most of the semester, but I actually did put in work to these upper level communication classes. But they all give B’s at best and C’s at worst. And I’ve been getting a lot of that worst stuff. I even withdrew from a class.

Is this what college is all about? Hating it? Learning nothing? Memorizing? I certainly hope not, but then again it keeps seeming this way more and more. When was it supposed to change? I should have went to a state school and coasted by.

Whatever, I hope that Australia is extremely awesome and it makes up for this bland semester. Tomorrow I may get to see someone I’ve missed. I want to take portraits.