11 March 2006

I was wowed by the red brick buildings, I guess

This spring break has went by pretty quickly. Trinity was great, first off. I love it. I’m going there. End of story. I may hate it later, but I hope not.

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on Skype. I’m picking up on some Arabic, which is neat. I always like to learn about different cultures.

Otherwise, I met Kathy, a very interesting person from the Orient. I hope to learn more about her and her life. It makes Midland, Texas seem like a boring place when it’s put into perspective.


5 March 2004

Tommorrow, I will get up early and ride to San Antonio. I bet that I will have lots of fun. I couldn’t sleep last night, I had a bad dream. Actually, it was quite good… it just sort of freaked me out.

“Don’t get too close or I’m liable to do something bad…”
“Fine, I warned you.”
“I’m sorry, you didn’t really want that did you?”
“No, I did.”
“Is this a dream?”

At which point I wake up. I’ve always had odd dreams. Lately nothing has been realistic or come true. I felt deja vu when waking up. I must have had the dream before and I just didn’t remember it. Odd.

Anyway, I’m packing my guitar and my camera. I need to relax… I’m so tired. Had to work on a Friday. (That’s why I saw you, Logen. Sorry I couldn’t have talked longer… I saw you try to roll your window down.)

I hope you have fun at your spring break…