Who needs to go to NYC when you can come here and skip all the Yankees?

So, I went to Vegas. It’s always been a goal of mine. The city of sin has such a build up that I was interested in seeing it in person and having my own adventures. Movies like “Casino” and “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” have hyped it up to be some crazy drug filled nightmare trip with seedy crime and crazy adventures. (And that sounds pretty awesome in contrast to Midland.) My trip was actually a lot more tame in comparison. I spent most of my time just wandering around the casino floor at the Luxor and losing my money slowly on slot machines, roulette, and craps — mainly craps. I did manage to see a few things, and eat at some of the famous buffets (they’re okay), but most of what I can remember was throwing dice and going up 20, then down 20, then up 20, then down 30 — rinse and repeat.

Yeah, I'm a winner, what can I say?

It was pretty enjoyable for the sheer experience, but I didn’t win big like I had hoped. Leaving, I felt like it was more of a loss than it really was. I only ended up blowing a little over a week’s pay, which is nothing important considering I do nothing except pay my loans and buy things to pass the time. Considering how expensive it could have been, I feel pretty good about it. But, I wish I would have been smart enough to cash out. (I actually cashed out and then immediately put it back on the craps table in order to double it. Yeah, that worked out well.)

This is a good dam photo.

It was good to see the guys again, Christian, Rob, and Alex. We’ve had some good nights drinking at Crabby Jacks, though I felt like everything was so expensive in Vegas we couldn’t rage as hard as we would have liked. There were things to do and experience, but they were were all cost prohibitive and we never really went with a plan. I’m thankful, however, we got to stop by the Hoover Dam, which is pretty impressive by any standards. It was the highlight of the trip for me, and it made the ridiculous drive out of Vegas a little more enjoyable.

Besides all of that fun stuff, life in Midland has been pretty standard. Just a lot of work, and lately a lot of post hole digging. I’m pretty sure that I never want to dig another hole again in my life, but I still have more to do. I try to be positive and think it’s exercise. Last week was pretty much a bust in general though — the snow moved in and it just never stopped for about three days. I couldn’t get anything done and when I tried all I did was go numb no matter how many layers I put on. I’m not sure how people say they like the snow. Really? Do they like the thought of it, or do they like the snow? Because it sucks. It makes everything difficult. Maybe you just get used to it over time. But I was happy with three days being all of it. (Though, apparently, it’ll be moving in again on Wednesday. Great.)

Yeah. F that.

And finally, I decided to buy a new TV. My old TV was pretty good and lasted me through college, but I just felt compelled to get a new one. I had been pricing them for several months and reading all the news and reviews. Eventually I just build it up to the point where I just have to buy it to stop from going insane. It’s a war of attrition when it comes to making big purchases. Either way, it’s a new Vizio 55” 3D and all that. Hard to explain a TV though. It’s good, I’ll leave it at that. Perhaps this is a stupid decision since the Navy will be shipping me off soon, but it will help me bide my time and it’s not like a good TV like this will look bad. Overkill probably, and that’s okay. What else am I doing?

This weekend, I’ll have Vegas, the TV, student loans (for this month), and other miscellaneous expenses paid off, so I’ll be booking a flight to Houston to see Emily Faber, one of my favorite Trinity people. Her adventures in law school sound impressive to say the least; can’t wait to see how exciting the town really is for myself. Should be fun! That, and I need to hurry up and plan out South by Southwest, but I haven’t figured out who all will be in town. Need to get Sam back to Texas to do a redo of Spring Break last year. Probably the best 4 days of stupid drunken adventures ever.

Oh, and I’m glad the Packers won the Super Bowl. Ben Rapistberger didn’t need another get out of rape free ring.