29 April 2008

Way too much fun

I’m in the last stretch of finals. Just until May 10th and I’m released. I’ve had basically zero time to spend online, and even less time to enjoy myself.

That said, the release of Grand Theft Auto 4 is terrible with its timing. Last night I pulled an all nighter playing the game. I didn’t even mean to! It went from 12 AM to 9:50 AM in one sitting. I never moved.

This game is amazing. That said, I broke one controller already throwing it against the wall in frustration… whoops! But, most of that is my fault.

If you happen to own a 360 or a PS3, buy this game. You have no excuse not to.

22 November 2007

Yes, this game is really this exciting

I don’t have much time to talk because of Mass Effect (Xbox 360 game…) and required social interactions (family time!) but I just wanted to stop in and wish you all a happy Thanksgiving.

I hope your Turkey Day meals are marbiculous and your experiences mardisculous!

27 September 2007

This game stole my soul.

Halo 3. Yes, it’s amazing. I’ve beat the single player (which was weaksauce) and now I’m playing online. A lot.

For example, it’s 4:45 AM on a Thursday morning. Thursday. I have class in a few hours.

What the hell? I have never done this sort of thing before. Even when I partied (too busy ranking up to do that anymore), the latest I’d stay up to was like 3 AM. The game is a drug. Stay away from it! (And by stay away I mean please by all means buy it and add me, Sitruunatee, to your friends list. I’d love to play!)

I guess the reason I’m always playing so late is because of the amount of schoolwork I have to do first before I start playing. Some nights have had 5 hours of reading and essays. I’m not really sure what my professors are trying to pull. Some sort of endurance test, I guess.

Anyway, just thought I’d like you know that I’ve become a mindless gaming zombie with no life as of 12:01 AM on September 25. Hopefully I get tired of this really quick!

5 July 2006

Lots of things go boom in this game

Wow. June was a blur. I meant to post things and keep an update on my life, but that obviously didn’t happen. This past week I was off of work and spent it relaxing, and playing Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter with my brother. Incredibly sweet game.

Really though, I can see why I haven’t posted. There is not much new. Same crappy situation at home; they’re trying to make me pick a side, I think. Whatever.

19 June 2006

Definitely has been a dependable car

Hrm. Where has June gone? I’m not entirely sure. For the most part, I have been spending my time at work, where I got a raise. It’s cool to know that my boss values me like that, and it’ll give me some extra spending money to lay down on stuff for my new Xbox360 and DS Lite. Possibly even save it for the future (yeah right).

Also, I’ve got my Mustang. It’s way better than I thought. I really like it quite a bit. Random people are trying to race me. Apparently, all you have to do is drive aggressively and people think I’m trying to challenge them.

Otherwise, I don’t have much to report, which is why I probably delayed writing this. I haven’t seen anyone except Mikey, which we played some awesome Table Tennis together, and Ellen, who I met for some coffee and tried to remember why I hadn’t done that sooner. Regardless, it’ the usual summer drag, albeit nicer as I don’t have school as well this time around.

Just waiting for August. I’m pretty excited.

14 June 2006

Well, I guess you could say I’m having one of those days. The kind of days that you wish would never happen, the kind you wish you could slam your head into a brick wall about.

One of those type of days.

I woke up today sick and so dizzy I could barely stand. I dragged myself to work at 8 AM and I worked straight until 5:30 PM, holding back potential stomach sickness along the way. Some guy nearly plowed into my car on the way home. I got pulled over by a cop for avoiding the guy who nearly hit me and speeding into the next lane. At least it wasn’t a ticket.

When I got home, I had a message saying my bank account was frozen temporarily. I called up my bank and asked why — apparently my checking account had went 170 something dollars into the red because of a hold on PayPal (which when I talked to the PayPal representative, they said that was an error on somebody’s part because the bank shouldn’t have been alerted; I’m on hold with my bank as we speak.) I have a few checks that will be bouncing if it’s not resolved, so again, I’m waiting patiently.

My PayPal account was also “frozen” until I pay 193 dollars for a chargeback coming from my PayPal account on something I shouldn’t be having to pay back. The PayPal rep said it takes about 75 to 100 days to resolve a dispute, so no PayPal for me. So, until Friday of next week when I can get a paycheck to cover my bank problem, I have my pocket change, a total of $20 in ones and a five. Still, I’m sure that I can get by. I just won’t eat lunch and I’ll borrow some money until then. Further, I hope I can just get it fixed in a few minutes and this was all just a big misunderstanding on the credit card company and my bank and hopefully the person who gave me the money in April without obligation.

Good news is that a person on eBay who I bought over 100 dollars of stuff from last night said it was okay if I paid him with a money order, meaning I can bypass PayPal and not get bad feedback. Other good news is that I got my DS Lite in ala my fancy new raise I got at work. And, I mean, I’ve graduated from school and I’ll be 18 in a short while. Lots to look forward to.

In conclusion, however, today has been a really bad day. And my bank’s waiting music ain’t making it too much better.